Herbs For Fertility: Herbs To Get Pregnant Fast

When focusing on the challenge of getting pregnant and starting a family, often you find the excitement of being intimate and your sexual desire has decreased. When you're worried about conceiving, it can leave you feeling too tired, not in the mood and not interested. When the perfect time of the month roles around, sexual contact can feel forced and mechanical. The irony is, a healthy sex drive is a must! More and more couples are looking to herbs for fertility to safely and naturally increase their sex drive.

Here are 3 proven herbs for fertility which will help increase your sex drive.

#1. Fennel

Fennel is a great aphrodisiac for women. The plant contains estrogen-like compounds which are proven to boost libido. The herb is also rich in vitamin C, fibre and minerals, calcium and iron, all of which are essential for a vital sex drive.

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#2. Hawthorn

In Europe, Hawthorn berries are one of the most popular herbs being given to men for strengthening the walls of blood vessels. The berries have also been proven to relieve nervous tension which is a concern for men who suffer with infertility. These berries improve and support healthy blood circulation and relax arterial pressure. It is known to relax the penile artery to improve the strength and rigidity of your erection. Including these natural berries in your diet will not only improve you sexual functions and performance, but encourage a healthier lifestyle.

#3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is well known for its success in increasing women's libido and minimizing vaginal dryness. It has a long history of use for treatment of reproductive disorders in women. Fenugreek is another herb that mimics the effects of the hormone estrogen. It is a good remedy for women who feel that their sexual desire is on the decline.

The pressure of not getting pregnant as quickly as you would like often causes worry and stress which can slow your sex drive. There are some great natural herbal combinations, that when taken, can bring the joy of being together back into your love life. The herbs described above increase sex drive, nourish your body's major systems and promote hormonal balance. Focus on putting the fun back into your sex life while striving for a healthy fertile body. We all know the more sexual contact you have, the greater your chances of bringing that beautiful baby into your life!

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Many couples that are trying to have a baby may struggle to conceive but that doesn't mean there is a fertility issue. What you eat, the exercises you do and the sexual positions you use can all have an effect. This article will focus on which are the best getting pregnant positions.

First many are of the opinion that by having sex as much as possible you will greatly improve the chances of conceiving but this isn't actually the case. It is more important to have sex before the ovulation part of your menstrual cycle. It is recommended that you have sex on day 10, 12, 14 and 16 of your cycle to cover this period.

If you do not have a regular 28 day cycle having sex every 3 days should increase your chances and keep your partners sperm count at a good level ( your partners sperm count will be effected if you have sex all the time and thus lower your chances ). This is because sperm can last up to 5 days so having sex 2 or 3 times a week should help increase your chances.

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The best positions for getting pregnant are the missionary and the doggy positions. The reason for this is because the sperm is ejaculated close to the cervix with both of these positions.

Another tip is to try placing a pillow under your hips. This helps to tilt your pelvis and therefore keep the sperm in longer. Try to relax and allow the sperm to stay in the vagina as long as possible so try not to get up immediately after sex.

Some also say that having an orgasm will also help as it pulls the sperm deeper in and if the man has a more powerful orgasm his sperm count will be higher. For this reason try to enjoy sex as much as possible and don't treat it as a chore. Try to spice things up whenever possible or have a romantic evening. This may not be proven by research to work but it will do you no harm trying.

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I often write about natural, non invasive, and free or inexpensive ways to influence your baby's gender (or whether you have a boy or a girl.) One of the important variables for this is the woman or mother-to-be's vaginal PH. The reason that PH is important in terms of baby gender is that an acidic PH is too harsh for the Y or boy producing sperm, so this favors a girl. And, an alkaline PH is more favorable to having or conceiving a boy because it's not hostile to the more vulnerable sperm chromosomes that produce boys.

So, having the right PH can be very important if you're trying to control whether you have a boy or a girl. But, not everyone embraces both methods by which you can change your PH. Most commonly, some people resist the idea of douching. I suspect that many people find this unsavory because they remember it as something their grandmothers or elderly aunts did. Or, maybe they remember those feminine commercials with the flowery scenery that used to come on during soap operas.

Whatever the reason, many people admit to me that even though they really want a boy or a girl baby, douching to make this happen isn't all that enticing of an option. I do understand this, and there is another way to change your PH. But before I go over what that is, I do want to mention that it's not as if you have to douche for very long if you do it correctly. And, combining douching with another method does usually bring about more dramatic results.

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With that said, there is a way around douching if you're trying to change your PH. And most of this lies with your diet and with the foods that you eat. In a nutshell, eating acidic foods are best if you're trying for a girl baby. And eating alkaline foods are what you want to do if you're trying for a boy. Again very generally speaking, fruits and vegetables are on the menu for an alkaline diet and dairy and grains are on the menu for an acid diet. However, there are many exceptions to this. For example, blueberries and cranberries are fruits that are acidic rather than alkaline. Almost every category has an exception. So, it can be extremely hard to get the optimal results by making general assumptions for each food group.

That's why I believe that the real key to having success (if you don't want to douche) with this regimen is not just finding yourself a food list and eating the foods on it. You also need to understand that there are often exceptions since foods change their acidity and PH as they are metabolized. Some foods are technically acidic but become alkaline when they are broken down and digested. The best way to deal with this issue (in my opinion) is to use PH strips to test yourself if you're not sure what type of reaction a certain food will cause.

Sometimes, you'll find that a food that's on an alkaline list turns acidic in your body or vice verse. The strips also can give you a good idea of how quickly you're progressing and if you'll be at your optimal reading when it's time to conceive. Admittedly, combining diet with douching will often give you faster and more dramatic results. But plenty of people do it only with diet.

It's also important to remember that's it's not only your PH that you have to consider. You'll also want to have optimal timing and corresponding sexual positions, depending on whether you're trying for a girl or a boy baby.

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Recently, I received correspondence that asked about a topic which I'd not been asked about before. The writer wanted to know whether the father's age had anything to do with whether he helped conceive a boy or a girl baby. Specifically, she wanted to know how a man's age affects his baby's gender. I did some research on this topic and will share my findings in the following article.

Does A Man's Sperm Change With Age?: There's quite a bit of literature and information which indicates that a woman's fertility and egg quality changes and deteriorates as she ages. This is probably where the phase "my biological clock is ticking" comes from. Only recently have their been similar studies on the quality of a man's sperm as he ages.

There have been studies which indicate that, much like a woman's egg, the quality of a man's sperm lessens as he ages. In other words, like women, men who are older have a greater chance for fertility issues and genetic issues. However, I could not find any studies which tested whether the ratio of X to Y sperm chromosomes changed as a man aged. I suspect that the reason for this is that it's assumed that they don't. And, if a man's X to Y ratio do not change as his ages, then his chances for conceiving a boy or girl baby would not change unless the mother of his child had a better chance of conceiving a girl or a boy based on timing, vaginal PH, and the sexual positions used.

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Now, there have been tests to see if men who had produced only one gender over another produced more sperm with that particular chromosome. In other words, they wanted to know if men who produced only girls also produced more X or girl producing sperm chromosomes. And, the next question was do men who have boys produce more Y or boy producing sperm chromosomes. The researchers who studied this came away with indications that the ratio remained constant. The men in the study still had roughly equal amounts of X and Y chromosomes and this was true whether the men had sons or daughters.

Assuming this ratio does not change with age, then both older and younger men would still have equal odds of conceiving a boy or a girl, which is the odds that mother nature give us.

So, What Do I Do If I'm Trying To Conceive A Certain Gender With A Younger Or Older Man?: In this case, the person who contact me was trying to conceive with an older man. But the question of age and baby gender could also come up with a younger man. From what I've read, it's my opinion that the literature indicates that men's X and Y chromosomes are thought to be equal and there's no reason to think that this changes with age.

So, knowing this, you're left with controlling what you can, which is yourself. What the mother to be or woman in this situation is able to control is the timing and sexual positions that she uses and her vaginal PH. Earlier timing, an acidic PH, and shallow positioning favors girl babies. And the opposite favors boy babies. So, depending on which gender you want, you can come up with a regimen that creates the optimal environment for this to happen.

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