Everyone who starts a business starts it with passion. If you are the owner of a startup, you must be very excited to make some big achievements and show the world how unique your business idea is. However, startup owners tend to focus too much on their business idea. More importantly, they become overconfident about their product and its reception in the market. As a result, they do not pay attention to some important details and are set up to end up in failure. Let’s take a look at the mistakes and signs that point to the failure of a startup.

Mistakes Leading to the Failure of Your Startup

Overlooking and Delaying Marketing
So, you were too busy in the creation of your product and making it perfect. In the meantime, you completely forgot that marketing has to start even before the business comes into existence. This can prove to be a grave mistake. The founder of a famous company that makes business cards in Calgary says, “Marketing is almost all about planning and very little about execution. You can’t market your business successfully if you do not plan your strategy well in time. Your mind should be thinking about how you are going to market your product even before you have named your business.”
It can prove to be a huge mistake to overlook marketing or delaying the process. Not to mention, marketing requires its own budget and this budget is significantly big. You can’t completely ignore marketing in the early stages and then suddenly plan the budget for it.

Not Getting Things in Writing
SEO Consulting owner and founder says, “The biggest mistake partners in a business can make is when they don’t sign the documents at the starting phase. You think you are like brothers. What you don’t know is that everyone who has started a partnership business thought the same way. I recommend you get everything in writing even if you are starting a business with your father.” It does not matter how closely you are related because things can change in a second. The survival of a partnership business depends greatly on the relationship between the partners.

When you are partners but not you don’t agree on anything, it is like two people pushing the car from the opposite directions. It is even worse when you have issues with each other and you choose to stay quiet. The only thing that can resolve your personal matters in a partnership business is a piece of paper that has all the terms and conditions of the business on it. If you can’t bring yourself to having things in writing, you should not start a business in the first place.

Not Minding Debt
Some startup owners are under the impression that debt is a common thing when the business is new. Yes, you have to take loans and accept investments against the equity in your business, but you can avoid these situations too. If you go with the idea of crowdfunding today, you can save yourself from getting under debts. Not to mention, you should try to manage things in as little loan as possible. Just because you are eligible to get a loan of a million dollars does not mean you have to get the whole amount. You must not forget that you are going to return more money than you are borrowing.

So, what you will have to do is to cover your expenses and then make enough profit to not only keep your business running and expanding, but to return the amount that you owe to your lender. It does not seem scary but it is when you look at the details and do the calculation.

Bottom Line
Your business should not be in debt in the first place. There are many ways for you to keep money scavenging investors away from your business. If you can’t avoid them, you should only get as much money as you need. Do not accept even a penny more than you need because this decision is going to haunt you later. In fact, if you are already in debt and go for another round of investment, most of the investors will deny the request after knowing that you are in debt.

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