The highest concentrations of human GH are released while you sleep. According to scientific studies and research conducted by , HGH usually declines in everyone with every year that passes.

While aging is usually associated with decreasing growth hormone levels, there are other reasons why human growth hormone levels decline. For instance, people pituitary production can decrease as a result of surgery, infection, accident, and other physical tragedies.
Sometimes people are born with certain kinds of conditions that are related to HGH deficiencies. Oftentimes these diseases have an effect on the bones and muscles of a person.

Link between HGH and Aging

You might wonder why you should consider raising HGH levels artificially if your body makes it naturally. Well, the answer is simply that as people age, the body make less and less of this very important substance as each year passes.
Therefore, people are usually looking for a way to increase the natural human GH production. Consequently, preventing or inhibiting the decline of HGH takes place, and this is an action that could have anti-aging effects.

About HGH Decline
As mentioned already, human growth hormone levels often exceed to 1000 mcg during the teenage years on up to the early 20s. However, human GH levels continue to decrease withy every passing year.Some experts even believe that we age because our hormone levels decrease, not that these levels fall because of aging. However, it actually is an action that takes place simultaneously-that aging and HGH decline happen at about the same time.

Optimal HGH Levels

It might interest you to know what HGH levels are normal for a person of a certain age range. For instance, a young person between 12 and 16 years of age it is about 1200 mcg, and for a person in their 20s an average of about 900 mcg is recommended.
For the person in her 30s the human GH levels drop to only between 300 and 400 mcg. When you understand this you can understand why people lose energy and slow down performance-wise as they get up there in age.

In other words, many middle-aged adults and senior citizens find that their lives are much better after HGH levels are increased. It seems that the adults who seek some kind of HGH enhancement experience the full benefit of such a treatment when human GH levels are somehow naturally stimulated.

This is mainly possible because “aging” is seen as simply a state of hormonal deficiency. It also is seen as a condition in which a person of lacks the hormones of a youthful person.

This is a very simplified explanation and there is more to it than this. However, in some ways aging can actually be reversed by way of HGH treatment.

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