In his book, “Ten Weeks To A Younger You”, Dr Ronald Klantz states that the only effective way to look younger is to increase your hgh levels.

Human growth hormone is known to be the key to looking young. Up until age 30 or so our body does a fine job of producing enough of it but at that point it starts to taper off. By increasing your hgh levels you can see an increase in muscle mass, help with any cholesterol issues and help you burn fat. It can also have a drastic effect cosmetically as well by reducing things such as wrinkles and crows feet.

HGH Reduces Wrinkles

As we age our skin starts to change. One, it becomes thinner. Two, it starts to loss its elasticity. This is a direct result of the lowering of hgh levels after age 30 however it is reversible to some degree. In a study of men over 60 it was found that the addition of hgh increased skin thickness by 7%. Another evaluation of hgh's effect on skin found that 2/3 of the subjects reported better texture of their skin after a trail use. 38% even reported better hair as well.

The effect happened quite quickly. In fact it only took a few weeks before positive results would come in. It not only reduced wrinkles but also help the muscles underneath the skin to tone up. This was basically a two-pronged approach to a more youthful look.

There has also been some experimentation on animal that also yielded positive results. What they showed was an increase of collagen in the skin. Collagen is one of the most important parts of the epidermis and is crucial to younger looking thing.The collagen is required to maintain its elasticity and that is what is truly needed to remain looking young.

HGH Reduces Wrinkles

Hgh has long been known to have beneficial effects to help reverse the effects of aging and helping stay healthy.It effects on wrinkles are more recently discover but no less pronounced. It has shown again the ability of hgh supplements or hgh stimulants to help keep time at bay. When it is combined with all the other things it can do it is easy to see why the products a flying off the shelf.

It is amazing that a mere one supplement can help reduce wrinkles while also help you keep you from loosing hair.It will do this while helping your blood pressure and even your blood chemistry.You can add to that better vision and better memory all while building lean muscle mass and losing weight.It is hard to think of one other supplement that could be more vital to you health than this.Best of all it is available over the counter because it does not contain hgh like the injection used to treat childhood syndromes.These are just the stimulates that cause you body to produce more of a hormone that it already does. It is just getting the level back up to what it used to be back when you were young and a picture of health.

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