It's time to clear up the confusion once and for all.

If suddenly all the cholesterol in your body is gone, it would simply merge with as Wicked Witch Wizard of Oz floor. Would be rendered as "structures" cells almost completely free of cholesterol and cell structure would collapse, the waxy alcohol is so important to so many biological processes that, in addition, it is an animal based foods, your body makes it in two specific ways.

First of all, every day, our liver produces cholesterol and sends it streaming into the bloodstream, where, ideally, it is absorbed into the cells where needed. Someone not take into account the use of the cell are transported back to the liver where it is processed, or simply remove it. It is important to note that every cell in your body has the ability to express what they have inside, and every cell in your body has the ability to grab the blood out and bring it into the box to use.

Total cholesterol is determined primarily on whether or not your cells internally, or in place, to collect what is needed directly from the blood.

Use of cholesterol-containing foods are not a factor in determining if the cells inside it or collect it from the blood. Numerous studies document the fact that even the massive changes in eggs, meat and any animal source food consumption, up or down, has only a small effect on the overall level is measured physician. .

Two ways in which your cells get what they need

Within the cell, which means that there is no collection of blood and / or;
Intracellular not do, and instead, send cell receptor (type of gloves for catchers), from deep inside the cell the cell surface to take what they need from the blood and bring it back inside the cell.

The only reason why our liver cholesterol in the blood is to send a float, so the cell can grab what they need. Too bad the liver and the cells can not communicate, because the liver it every day, regardless of whether or not to harvest it from the blood cells.

If you are inside the cell, then no cell receptors (remember catchers mitt) is sent to collect cholesterol from the blood, and the blood increase.
If, instead of inside it, gather what you need out of the blood cells in the blood normally remains low.

Cells do not care how they get what they need, but you should, because there is a connection between the higher levels and heart health.

The subject of much confusion has to do with the fact that the use of cholesterol-rich foods have very little effect on the determination of the total concentration in the blood. Your liver manufacturers about 2000 mg. cholesterol each day. If you love food containing liver just is not that much.

If you get 1000 mg. diet, but the liver is 1000 mg, giving you a total of 2000 mg day. If you consume zero 24 hours, your liver produces 2000 mg day, if you consume 1,500 mg. Food just makes your liver is 500 mg. more for the day. You get the idea. If you do not get cholesterol diet, our liver. If you get food, our liver produces 2000 mg, less the amount consumed on the same day.

The bottom line is that the food consists of 20% of all of you, at any time, which means 80% of the high, low or normal total reason has nothing to do with the question of whether you take cholesterol-containing foods, which means trying to control their overall level of strictly avoid animal foods are false and very inefficient method.

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