While a great pair of high heels can truly accentuate the sexy and sultry look, there are some negative aspects commonly associated with them. They are commonly seen as the finishing touch and can have a big impact on the way women feel and look. Because of this, the vast majority of women that fancy high heels wear them daily. And it just so happens that many women around the world feels this way about high heels. They do however, increase the probability of getting arthritis, especially arthritis of the knees. Arthritis of the knees is a painful inflammation in a location where the knee joints meet.

Other problems include ingrown toenails, foot deformity, greater risk of osteoarthritis and posture complications. Additionally, corns and bunions are a common problem over time. While high heels certainly are sexy, they are hell for your feet. Having to squeeze your foot into this awkward and tight fighting footwear will often result in sore feet. And it gets worse the higher the heel actually is. It also forces you to walk in an unnatural way. This is because the ball of the foot is the center of gravity when wearing high heels. Added pressure is also experienced by the ankles and the knees. Due to the added strain on the cartilage, the chance of getting osteoarthritis is higher than usual. This type of arthritis is usually the most common type suffered by the global population. Because of the popularity of high heels, women that have osteoarthritis usually outnumber men.

Instead of using our ankles to maintain balance, it forces us to use our hips and knees to do the same. Added pressure also occurs on the thighs as well as the kneecap. Posture issues arise from the fact that the body leans forward slightly when wearing these shoes. As such, we are forced to lean back to compensate. This can cause long term problems for the back. It is safer to wear those with shorter heels such as kitten heels. Anything below two inches should be alright in the long run. The higher the heel, the worse the damage will occur. If you are currently experiencing pains due to consistent use of high heels, you may want to avoid heels for a while.

With the type of technology that goes into modern comfort shoes and trainers, they are some of the most comfortable (and safe) forms of footwear to wear daily. Otherwise, there are some things you can do to minimize the damage done to your foot with high heels. Firstly, be selective with these shoes and if possible, never wear them daily. You should be wearing comfortable shoes most days of the week. Avoid anything above two to three inches especially very high heeled stiletto’s. You may also want to look into variants that have rubber material on the heel itself. This helps absorb some of the impact while you are walking. Whenever possible (Especially at the office), take off your high heels if you are going to be seated for extended periods of time. All these tips can lessen the long term damage that occurs on the foot due to over-wearing high heels.

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