1. Drug addiction is something that destroys both the present and future of a person. According to experts in Rehabs in Texas, one size fit for all approach is a total disaster for institutes such as rehabs. Drug rehabilitation centers need to adopt a holistic approach and just not treat physical symptoms or body of the patients but also treat their mind and soul. They shall leave the rehab becoming a better person and citizens. According to drug rehab in Texas, it is very important to design a program addressing the entire spectrum of issues and not just look at the physical damage that drugs have caused. We shall reach the cause of drug addiction and treat it from the roots to increase the treatment success rate and reduce the risk of relapse.

    What to expect in a holistic drug rehabilitation center?

    The holistic drug rehabilitation center works on the cause of the addiction. Since they focus on the basics of the treatment their chances of success are much more than the rehabs focusing only on the medical treatment. They have special 90-days drug rehab program in which they focus on physical, mental, social as well as spiritual aspects of a person’s life. An expert at the Drug treatment center in Texas told me that techniques like spiritual counselling and meditation come very handy in making a patient emotionally and mentally strong.

    Another important aspect of the treatment plan is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition not only gives physical strength to the patient but it also plays an important role in making the patient mentally strong. Studies at an Alcohol and drug treatment center in Texas showed that results obtained from the holistic treatment method are much quicker, stays longer, and chances of relapse are reduced by many folds. The patient starts feeling relieved and better within a few days of enrolling in the program.     

    Subsidiary treatments like spa and massage therapy using herbal essential oils, acupuncture treatment by acupuncture physician and services of herbalists are also included in holistic treatment.

    Word of caution!

    It is important to understand that these 90 day treatment programs can become successful only when rehabs have 24/7 accessibility to well qualified and experienced doctors and nursing staff. They shall monitor the patients at each phase of treatment and make sure there are no fluctuations in their vitals or have any other physical problem. Apart from that abundant and uninterrupted availability of professional psychologists is also a must. They should also be present 24/7 to motivate the patients at the time of need.

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