If your home is planning a design renovation but has a limited budget and little time, then you've come to the right place. We've put together 50 home design ideas for you all that we hope will help you with your home design. Add a few simple touches like a wall with a decorative effect, a brightly coloured table lamp and a new hug pillow (plus 47 other decorative ideas if you don't like it) and the whole room looks fresh and stylish with a sense of timeless sophistication. Even a repair that may take a long time can be done in a day. "Linked Text":http://www.redbubble.com

1. Reconstruction of the reception room
Isn't there an appointment for a reading corner? No problem. If your home doesn't have enough space to turn it into a reading corner, then design a formal living room that doubles the size. It's all about Heidi Keilje's clever choice of delicate and comfortable fabrics and shapes.

2. Don't be afraid of ink stains.
The soft black gives a special and intimate feel that a lightly toned room can't achieve (that's the hue of the Farrow & Ball railings). Despite being dark, the unconventional jewellery pieces give off a more lively and warm atmosphere.

3. Types of empty fireplaces
Consider the design of an empty fireplace In this structurally rich environment, interior designer Leanne Ford has turned an empty fireplace into a small gallery of ceramics and art.

4. Take care of your windows.
Adding the right treatment to your window can make a big difference. It's basically Romanesque and the theme is interesting. It goes against Decoration 101, but it's easier to use smaller patterns together." Interior designer Christine Panic says she created this fantastic pink one-room cloud.

5. Change the design of the bookshelf.
The home's library, designed by Fiona Lynch, has a modern feel in a traditional design with recessed wooden furniture, modern side chairs and a streamlined staircase. You can fill it with books, or you can break up the monotony of the bookshelf by adding decorations and ornaments like vases and sculptures. Not only does it make the book coherent and consistent, but it stands out, even more, when you have lots of bright colours.

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