With time, trends for home decor keep changing. You might want to keep up with this change. However, your budget might not allow you to do changes every now and then. While the summers bring in a need for cool and airy color tones, the winters call for warm and dark tones. Some easy hacks will help you save space and decrease the cost for changes in the home decor as seasons do. If you do not have time to do it yourself, you can always hire top architects in Gurgaon.

Let’s take a look at some of the easy hacks for transformation of your home space.

1-Add Sheets and Canopy Rods to the Bed:

If you do not have access to the canopy rods, this hack can be implemented with the help of curtain rods. After you do this, drape the same with use of sheer linens. The canopy doesn’t just add style to the bland furniture piece; it can also make your home space look posh and luxurious. Additionally, it creates more space to create proper proportion within the room. To get more ideas about add-on home space hacks, you can hire turnkey contractors in Delhi NCR.

2-Replace Plain Lamps with Geometric Shades:

A regular, old lamp shade tends to be complete bore. So, it’s time for you to toss out the old shades and replace the same with patterned ones. It might not seem as funky as you would want them to be, but it will surely add more character to your space. Geometric patterns create an even look for your room which adds more depth to the overall area.

3-Mirrors with Striking Accents:

You might own a simple mirror for your daily use, but did you know that they can add depth to your walls and room as well. However, you need to have mirrors that come with beautiful frames. Such frames add a presence to the empty wall. It makes the wall seem way bigger than original. To add more effect to the walls, you can add a lamp in front of the mirror and watch the magic happen. The light that bounces from the glass creates an illusion of a bigger and brighter room.

4-Golden Paint Hangers:

Hangers were definitely created for the looks they add to your wardrobe. Given the fact that they are so much of a necessity; wouldn’t it be amazing if they looked pretty as well? All you need to do is grab the paint & cover it will golden color. It is an affordable and easy way to take the closet space to an entire new level. You can also add some silver if your wardrobe color demands the same. If you aren’t sure about the colors that gel well with the decor, you can always seek help from professional interior designing company in delhi.

5-Invest in Colorful Pillows:

Adding some colors to your pillows or cushion is a must when it comes to effective and affordable home decor changes. If you cannot invest in buying some, you can always opt for easy DIYs. If you want some ideas about the colors or style that will definitely work well with your home decor, you can always seek help from a reliable interior designing company in Delhi.

Bottom Line

This is just a glimpse into everything you can do for your home decor. There is much more to explore as the trends change. To know more about the trending decor, you can always ask professional help from interior designers in Gurgaon.

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