Bruises are very common in daily life; they can happen at home or at your workplace. They can literally happen to anyone at any point of their life, anywhere. And when we lead a very hectic life with so many things to look at, including never-ending deadlines, we are running from one place to another. Then the chances of us bumping into things are indeed quite high, with the result of that being bruises. These are also commonly known as "black and blue" marks and are painful as well. While most bruises can be treated at home, or do not require any treatment at all because they vanish away on their own with time, there are other bruises which can get a little more serious with time. Hence, to be on the safer side, it is always good to cure the bruise as soon as possible, in order to prevent further complications.

There are many sprays or gels available in the market these days, which when applied on the bruises give instant relief, as well as fast recovery. Along with these sprays, one can also use some home remedies to quicken the process of recovery.

One of the most common remedies is to have a bath with Witch Hazel. This is because Witch Hazel helps in the circulation of the blood, and thus, the bruises get cured much faster.

It is also said that one must start consuming more of Vitamin C, when he or she is affected with a bruise. Therefore, more of oranges, lemons etc. should be consumed to have more Vitamin C in the body.

Simple massaging regularly too helps to gain relief. And many people use hot water bottles as well to get relief and cure the bruise. After 2-3 days, usually the bruise starts hurting less, and will release pain when you touch the bruise or press it hard, or when something hits the affected area again. The nature of a bruise is such that it is very common, and people do not take it to be something so serious that it stops all activities of their life.

Arnica, a homeopathic cream can also be applied on the bruise. It is said to reduce the swelling, as well as the inflammation of the tissues. Hence, it cures the bruise quite well.

Cabbage is also applied to the affected are by many people to cure the bruise. This is again done because cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties which help in fast and quick recovery.

If your bruise does not start to discolour in a little while, or if the pain level does not decrease at all even after a week, then you should probably go and have a check with a doctor. In case it is something serious, you should not delay the process of treatment at all. For prevention of bruises, the only thing that one can probably do is make sure no accidents happen, and be careful that you don't bump into things! Precaution is best remedy for this.

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