Mastitis is an infectious disease of the breast tissues caused by the bacteria. It is a very painful condition and can lead to inflammation of the breast, tenderness, redness, fever, chills and a general feeling of illness. Lactating mothers are more prone to get this bacterial infection, although it can occur in any woman at any time. The causative bacteria usually get into the body via milk duct openings or by means of small breaks on the nipple skin. If you develop the signs and symptoms of mastitis, it is very important to seek immediate treatment because delayed or lack of proper treatment can lead to the recurrence of the infection. Moreover, if not treated properly, it can also cause the development of abscess in the breast, which may require drainage by surgery.

Symptoms of this infection can be relieved with some home remedies for mastitis, such as drinking lots of fluid, resting, and frequently draining the breasts. Mastitis can make breastfeeding intolerably painful, but you should continue to nurse the baby often, as it is beneficial to completely empty the breasts and to reduce the swelling. If required, you can use a best quality breast pump to fully drain your breasts. During nursing, gently press the breast towards the nipple to loosen the clogged duct. Make sure that the baby is positioned correctly and latched properly to your breast. After the nursing, apply a cold pack on the breast to relieve the discomfort and swelling.

Keep away from wearing tight-fitting bras. Placing a chilled cabbage leaf over the infected breast for two to four hours is a good way to reduce the symptoms of the infection. A hot shower is also a helpful home remedy for mastitis. When showering, allow the hot water to run over your breasts. You can also use a hot water bottle or a cloth soaked in hot water as hot compress on the breast. Eating two to three raw garlic cloves everyday is one of the effective home remedies for mastitis. Echinacea root tincture is also a good natural cure for this infection.

Mix three to four teaspoons of dried rosemary in a cup of boiling water. Drink this infusion after it becomes cool. One of the recommended home remedies for mastitis is to make a poultice with grated raw potato and apply it to your infected breast. Take vitamin C daily to boost your immune system. Applying Calendula cream directly to the affected area can help heal mastitis. A compress made from the dandelion root is also effective in treating the infection.

Another one among the efficient home remedies for mastitis is to place a fenugreek seed poultice on the affected breast. It has traditionally been used to cure mastitis. Soak the fenugreek seeds in a cup of hot water for sometime. Then, crush them to make a paste. Take a warm cloth and spread the paste over it. Put the cloth on your infected breast to alleviate the symptoms. Repeat this until the infection is completely over.

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