Recording music at home can be simple, affordable, and fun. It can also be complex, expensive, and demanding. There are many websites which offer advice regarding high-end recording equipment, help recordists perfect their craft, and suggest "budget" studio scenarios for $5,000-$10,000.

However, as John Volanski, author of Sound Recording Advice suggests: "A home recording studio could be as simple as a multi-track cassette deck, a microphone, a musical instrument and a second stereo recorder to mix the recorded tracks onto. Of course, a home recording studio can get much, much more complicated with multiple recorders, computers, synchronization devices, sequencers, mixers, signal processors, power and ground issues, acoustic treatments of the room, monitor speakers, and many other issues to understand and problems to overcome."

While, some musicians jump into recording with both feet, many others would like to record as a hobby - beginning with a very simple setup, laying down one or two tracks at a time, with an initial outlay of less than $1,000 and gradually upgrading as your needs grow and your skills improve. Thankfully, music recording equipment and software capable of producing quality results is now available to newcomers with a modest budget.

To begin, there are two basic routes to choose from: 1) Use a stand-alone, multitrack recorder for both recording and mixing. Depending on the model, tracks and mixes may be burned to a CD, saved on compact flash cards, or transferred to your computer via USB or FireWire connections. 2) Record directly to your computer, employing a simple audio interface and recording software such as Cubase or ProTools. While there are advantages and disadvantages of each, the bottom line is: either option works well. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference.

Future articles will take a closer look at specific aspects of the exciting world of home music recording.

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