I love the compassionate effectiveness of Reiki. For me, Reiki is a consistent part of everyday life. Living in Reiki is living in the flow of Universal energy. Its purpose and usefulness is both practical and valuable.

Anyone who has received a Reiki treatment or been trained as a Reiki practitioner or teacher, knows the benefits of tapping into the power of this energy. We know the uses of Reiki range from a rejuvenating treatment to healing serious health conditions. There is another area for the use of Reiki that has caught my attention through my personal experience. It is Reiki for the end of life.

I have been on a profound journey of honoring the end of life process for both my parents. My Dad passed away in late 2010 and my Mother passed soon after in March of 2011. For my Dad, I was with him in Spirit as he departed rapidly carried on the wings of his Angels.

When I knew my Dad’s passing was eminent, I called upon my Reiki to bring me the calm to be alert and available to him. His Spirit was present with me long enough for me to lovingly acknowledge his life, thank him and honor him as my Father.

I called upon my Reiki to be powerfully present for my Dad to utilize to go beyond our world to his next experience. The clarity and presence of his Angels was available to me because I was open and available to them. The moment and the memory is now one of my treasures.

For three months after my Dad passed, I lived in perpetual Reiki for my Mother and my family utilizing both distant healing and hands on healing techniques. As a family, we watched over our Mother caring for her every need. We were like a wagon train circling our Mother, traveling in and out while maintaining the circle.

My Mother, while aged, frail and in failing health, was the Lighthouse of the family. Her love of family was the brightest beacon of Light. My family became her mirror reflecting her loving light back to her.

I speak of Reiki as perpetual. Once the alignment with Reiki was established, the flow was on going. For my Mother, I was at her side often to utilize my hands and make physical contact to reduce anxiety and pain. When away from her, the Reiki was streaming for her to use in her highest good.

The flow of Reiki empowered me with heightened clarity, compassion, timing, insight, and availability for my Mother. It also contributed to the amazing flow of communication and cooperation within my family. We were an amazing team of dedicated care givers.

I am deeply honored to have participated in the transitioning process of both my parents. I was given the opportunity to be fully visible to each of them. In my opportunity to honor both my Mother and Father, so have they honored me. We have seen each other fully and completely. Together we have acknowledged our lives. Together we have made peace with death and honored the circle of life. My gratitude overflows my heart.

I share this experience because we all lose loved ones and enter an internal process that is both deep and personal. It is important to respect the process and allow it time. For me, this process is a Spiritual journey that has brought me increased understanding of Reiki and increased closeness with my loved ones.

To my sister and brothers, nieces and nephews, thank you for the loving unity we share as family. To my parents, in that place beyond this world, I thank you. Thank you Dad for being my greatest teacher. Thank you Mom for your unwavering love and your last message: “be good to each other”.

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Astara is a Psychic/Clairvoyant and Reiki Master Teacher in service to humanity through her messages and Reiki healing. Astara is supported and guided by Ascended masters and Angels dedicated to uplifting humanity with love and compassion.

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