A new idea in the heating industry is a heating element that is a carbon-nitride ceramic heater tube, just like those found in high-quality commercial ovens. In fact, you could probably make one of these yourself if you had the right type of equipment.

Some industrial companies have spent lots of money converting their ovens to a technology that would allow them to retain the look and feel of their original appliances. So, how does this new technology work? Essentially, the heating element is created by a combination of a furnace tube, a pacifier, and a ceramic heater tube. Sialon Heater Tubes are also used in the same way and for related purposes.

Different Uses

The furnace tube has a cross-section similar to that of the original commercial oven, so all you would need to do is add a few extra pieces here and there to make it more streamlined for your specific needs. But with it being so much smaller, it would be easier to work with, and you can do much more with less cost.

As for the gasifier, this is where the ceramic tube comes into play. The gasifier makes it possible to utilize a gas as the primary fuel in the furnace tube. When you are using a gasifier for heating, the oxidation process makes the material combust, so the element has the ability to generate much more heat.

Elements & Materials

All of this is fine, but there is one more component of the heating element that needs to be addressed before you actually make a working heat source using the nitride ceramic heater tube. There are two types of materials that the element uses to provide the necessary heat to make it function the way it should: air and nitrogen. Now, there are a couple different ways that you can accomplish this.

The first option would be to use the air option in the air intake portion of the ceramic heater tube. But since the nitride heater tube is designed to be a clean design, this would create a chemical reaction that could cause some serious problems for the appliance. To avoid any sort of bad things from happening, you should always go with the second option, which is to utilize the nitrogen option.

With the choice of nitrogen and air, you would want to make sure that they were designed to work well together to avoid any sort of chemical reaction. This will ensure that the nitride heater tube stays safe from any form of contamination. You might even choose to go with the option of both options at the same time, depending on how you want the results of the heat to be delivered.

Combination solutions like this are becoming more popular by the day. They not only eliminate the mess that can sometimes come with having two separate heaters, but they are also completely hassled free. You could easily get the satisfaction that you desire when choosing to use the solution for your heating needs.

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