How to Make Love to a Woman: Turn Into a Sex God With Killer Bedroom Tricks

Do you know that your skills in the bedroom are very important if you would like to sustain a relationship for long? Here's why. A woman might not know what she really wants in a boyfriend, but she would certainly knows what she during sex. She wants an orgasm primarily, and in addition to that also wants to feel like a sex goddess. Few guys know the true in giving a woman both of these things, but learning the methods you need to make it all happen for her is easier than you think. Most guys believe that pleasing during sex will improve the relationship, because women are more disposed to accept your shortcomings if you can get her to feel pleasure every time you have sex. Hence let's examine some of the most effective strategies you can instantly use to make a woman climax rapidly, and get her to feel like a million bucks on the bed. Find out how to make her climax as quickly as a bullet - using just a few strategies:

"The Sexualized Tongue". All guys have dirty minds - so TELL her what you think. Let her know what you are thinking. Talking about what you're feeling during sex helps her feel turned on.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

"Stop Ejaculating Too Early." If you ejaculate too prematurely, then you're missing the boat - because in general women need slightly longer time to get excited and climax. You see, a regular female by and large needs 15-20 minutes of intense stimulation from the guy in order to climax - therefore, if cannot last that long, then she will not be capable of reach orgasm, period. After that experience, you can bet to your last dollar that she won't be too excited to see you.

"Lovemaking Position". Everyone has got their unique likes and dislikes about lovemaking positions. Some people prefer really fast and forceful movements, but some like their sex on the slow burner. The thing here to remember is to go both FAST and SLOW... in accordance to the pace that she prefers. You would definitely need to pay attention to her response and adapt your movements accordingly. For instance, when she becomes very reactive to a particular touch at a particular place, then continue to do more of that action.

Pay Close Attention Here-

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The truth about female sexuality is that all women have a really wild, naughty, dirty side that they want to let out in the bedroom. But they can only let out this side and unleash their full sexuality, with the help of a good man.

And when I say 'good man', I mean an expert lover.

A guy who really knows how to please his woman and SEXUALLY SATISFY her.

If you want to have THE BEST SEX EVER and get everything you want in the bedroom -- you have to be that guy. Then you'll be able to bring out your woman's really wild, naughty, dirty side and enjoy the kind of sex-life most dudes will only ever be able to dream about.

In fact, when you are an expert lover and you unleash your woman's full sexual potential -- you'll be able to turn her into your NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL.

Before I tell you how to turn your woman into your naughty little girl, let me give you an example of how this works...

I met my current girlfriend a little under a year ago. She had the right ingredients that I look for in a woman -- intelligent, great sense of humor, good self-esteem and imaginative.

When I first took her to the bedroom, it became obvious to me that she (like 80% of women) had only ever had clitoral orgasms and was only used to having one orgasm per sex session.

I set out to change all that.

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So I gave her vaginal orgasms. Then multiple, squirting and anal orgasms too.

All of a sudden EVERYTHING CHANGED (as I knew it would).

Her sex-drive skyrocketed.

She went out of her way to give me blow jobs.

She loved my dirty talk and started to talk dirty back to me.

To further emphasize how wildly sexual she has become, check out these text messages she sent me in just one day:

"I can't stop thinking about having sex with you"

"I need you to take my ass"

"I can't wait to feel you inside me again"

"I need to feel your load all over me"

See what I mean?

This is not how most women behave!

BUT -- it's how every woman behaves when an expert lover gives her incredible sexual pleasure and turns her into his NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL.

Here's how to bring out your woman's wild, dirty side in the bedroom:

- Be a real man and take control of everything sexual (your woman wants to follow your lead)

- Use your voice and TALK DIRTY because it will drive your woman crazy

- Use your creativity and sexual imagination to do new things every time you have sex (this way it will never become boring)

- Most importantly... give your woman vaginal orgasms

And One Last thing...

If you want to become the man of choice for ANY woman in bed, you MUST increase your sexual stamina. With just a LITTLE effort you can gain the power to last ALL night long...and in my experience, the rewards are worth their weight in orgasmic gold for the both of you!

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You can become the best she has ever had and you can make that happen now. There is help so you can master female ejaculation and be the best.

If you truly want to be rewarded by your sexual efforts then you need to please your girl in bed, time and again.

Pay heed to these mystical ways on how to satisfy a female in bed and repeat the same on your girl.

Connect with her emotionally. You should first make your girl feel desired and special. Praise her dress, compliment her looks and connect with her romantically before even thinking of getting physical with her.

Let her desire you. Instead of panting after your girl, whisper seductive secrets into her ears explaining what you would love to do to her. This will awaken feelings of desire within her and get her in a seductive mood.

Start out by holding hands and hugging. Do not be in a hurry to rush towards the bed. Instead hold hands, caress her face, hug her and then start kissing her lightly. Once she responds positively then slowly advance to French kissing, which is sure to raise the heat levels in the bedroom.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Remove her clothes with confidence. Do not fumble while undressing her but instead pop each button and unhook each clasp with confidence. You should also start kissing and caressing her breasts, thighs and hips as you peel of each clothing seductively.

Initiate operation vagina. Your girl's vagina is a treasure trove of sensitive nerves that are connected to her clitoris and g spot. Stimulate these sensitive parts located inside her vagina with your fingers and tongue, and lead her towards a few bed-shattering orgasms.

Commence penetration tenderly. Once your girl achieves a few orgasms and begs you to penetrate her then do so tenderly. Use deep thrusting motions to reach deep into her vagina while controlling your own emotions to last for a longer time.

Keep innovating. Use different sexual positions to maintain the intensity of your sexual excitement. Some positions allow intimacy while others allow deeper penetration. Rotate between such positions to make your girl shriek out your name even as she loses all control over her body due to one massive orgasm after the other.

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The female orgasm is extremely diverse and that is what makes it very special. Women are able to have all sorts of different orgasms such as:

-A simple orgasm from clitoral stimulation
-A simple orgasm from g-spot stimulation
-A combination orgasm from both g-spot and clitoral stimulation
-Multiple orgasms
-An orgasm through anal stimulation
-An ejaculating orgasm

It is a wonder why men have so much difficulty making a woman feel pleasure when she is able to feel pleasure in so many ways. Even though women are able to climax in a number of different ways, there is one type of orgasm that men want to make women experience the most and it is no wonder why. The female ejaculating orgasm is something that you are dying to give your woman and many men feel the same way. The reason is because not only is it an explosive orgasm for women and one of the most at that, but it gives men evidence that he made his woman orgasm. You want this evidence so you want to learn how to make her feel this.

You want to learn how to make your woman squirt and you want to know exactly what to do to give her that jaw dropping pleasure that is going to be life changing for her. It is rare for women to feel this kind of orgasm and that is another reason why you want to give it to her. You want to be the first and last man to do this to her so you engrave yourself in her mind forever.

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If you are ready, then you are going to learn some female ejaculation techniques that are literally going to drive her crazy to the point where she squirts. You can give your woman this type of orgasm as long as you use these step-by-step tips.

1. You have to get her aroused. With any orgasm that a woman is capable of, foreplay is the first step. Getting her in the mood both mentally, emotionally and physically is crucial. Use some foreplay tips to get her in the mood and that is your first step.

2. Start slow. Again, with any orgasm as woman can have, you can never just dive right in. You have to take your time and you have to go slow, especially with female ejaculation. Going slow and taking your time is awfully important.

3. Start with the clitoris. Although making a woman squirt is associated with g-spot stimulation, you have to stimulate her otherwise before you can go inside of her. Getting her warmed up with a little clitoris play will help to engorge the g-spot and get it ready for you to touch.

4. Touch the g-spot in many different ways. Forget using the traditional way of stimulating a woman with your fingers. Instead of simulating sex, try moving your fingers in circles and in other ways. Giving her something new keeps it exciting and gets her going a lot faster.

5. Take your time and have fun. Never take this kind of orgasm too seriously. Remember that you are doing this for her and not for you. Have fun and enjoy pleasing your woman. Eventually you will bring her to climax and you will get what you both wanted.

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