Over the last few years, the e-commerce sector has registered a high growth rate, especially with more people opting to buy various products online. This has further led to many more online stores opening up as business owners look for ways to grow their income. However, building a successful online venture is not as easy as it sounds. Like any other field, the e-commerce space is complex, and it requires a lot more to establish your place, making it challenging for newcomers to find their way.


According to Taylor, the founder and CEO of Activ8 Automation, his experience in the e-commerce space is part of what inspired him to launch his company, Activ8 Automation. He wanted to build a trusted platform that would help others wishing to join the industry by supporting them every step of the way.

“The e-commerce space is ripe with opportunities, more so with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to so many people investing in the field,” says Taylor. While this is an advantage, he explains that it also has some downsides as the e-commerce sector is a blue ocean that anyone can take part in. This makes it hard for people, especially newbies, to find their way as there are hundreds of ‘Amazon and Ecom gurus’ with everyone claiming to have the best strategies.

Taylor explains that while there are legit experts, many in the industry are selling fake dreams as they do not fully understand the e-commerce space. “Many e-com traders are approaching e-commerce as a get-rich-quick investment, misleading others who blindly enter the space,” says Taylor. Having been in the industry for quite some time, Taylor is now leveraging his skills to change the sector and help his fellow entrepreneurs.

Through Activ8 Automation, Taylor and his team are helping people start and build successful e-commerce stores by sharing valuable tips to help them reach their goals. Their unique approach and effective strategies have enabled them to develop a trusted brand, cementing their place in the industry.

Activ8 Automation has supported hundreds of clients on their journeys, guiding them on what to do. Their team of e-commerce specialists walks with their customers every step of the way, helping them fulfill their missions.

Taylor says that their goal is to help people grow their lives through e-commerce as they encourage others not to give up. More than just any other venture, e-commerce has greatly helped change Taylor’s life. He explains that he struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for several years and even watched some of his friends lose their lives. However, by finding e-commerce, Taylor beat his addiction, and he now uses his journey to empower others and assist fellow e-commerce traders.

Taylor has also set up a rehabilitation center, Serenity Falls Women’s Sober Living, where they help people get a clean and fresh start. Looking at the future, he says his dream is to expand Activ8 as they leverage their resources to assist other people in making their dreams a reality. As Activ8 thrives, it is changing the e-commerce space by cutting through the noise with best-in-class service, team members, and systems.


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