We know you have heard this word a thousand times, and we also know that nobody, not even one person bothered to tell you what it means. After a little bit of basic research, we found out that minimalism is nothing but getting rid of material possessions, to get rid of the attachment we have towards them. Minimalism is a way of living, where most people don’t have houses, or cars, or anything to which they can attach a sentiment or a sense of belonging.

Purpose of Minimalism

Minimalism is being followed and accepted as a way of life by more and more people today because it is simple. The complicated life that humans live today has started to look like the beginning of the end. The number of products that we use has caused us to use and then dispose of plastic to landfills and oceans.
The purpose of this concept is to give humans the freedom to focus on important aspects of life, more than being caught up in things we do not need.

Do You Really Need Everything You Own?

Think about it! There are a few things that did not exist for a long time, and we have only been convinced that we need them because we have never tried living without them.

Just to be able to unlearn using these products, we might need to reassess how cluttered our life is with unnecessary objects. Let us have a look at common objects that our generation is convinced we cannot exist without.

Bandwagon Effect

If you have ever taken an ‘Introduction to Economics’ class, you know what this means. The bandwagon effect is when people buy a product just because everyone else is buying it. There may not be a need for it, but we end up buying it. The best example of this phenomenon is buying a car. To be honest, a car or any other personal vehicle is a clear waste of space and resources. With the massive scale of public transport available in our cities today, would we be better off without these 4 wheelers? Getting rid of stuff in Australia right now is a bit of a process because we have overloaded our landfills. However, getting rid of an old car in Brisbane might not be that much of a problem with the availability of free car removal services such as Swift Cash for Cars. They will take your car away without bothering you at all, with the guarantee of scrapping it in an eco-friendly manner.

What is the alternative?

One word - Public Transport (Okay, two words.)

Does Your Wardrobe Spark Joy?

Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo gave us a clear picture of the KonMari, which helps us stay mindful of the things we own while giving away items that do not ‘spark joy’ anymore. As satisfying as it is to watch the show, it is even better to try this method, especially on your wardrobe. You do not need 19 pairs of jeans and 11 white shirts with 6 different styles of blazers. You only need those clothes that still make you feel good about owning them. A lot of minimalism is based on the concept of giving more importance to what we own already.
What is the benefit?
Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many other influential personalities do not own or display too many brands on themselves. They also are very minimalistic in their appearance, which they have reportedly admitted to having done on purpose to save time. De-cluttering your wardrobe may have other effects on your personality and your life as well. Are you willing to find out?

Unless You Going to Be on MasterChef…

Silverware, china, plastic, stainless steel, glass, and other materials I do not wish to know about, all can be found in your kitchen, sometimes all at once in the sink. Not a pretty sight for sure! A minimalist’s kitchen is cheap to buy, cheaper to maintain and cheapest to replace.
Most people who have started practising minimalism, have started from their kitchens. It is easier to give kitchen items away, well, unless that is your primary job. If you are a chef or a person who loves to cook, you can try minimalism too! Here’s an easy way to do it.
What is the incentive?

Here, the challenge is going to be that you will need to keep doing your dishes, again, and again. But the incentive is that you will never have to look at a sink full of dishes because you don’t own enough dishes to fill the sink! Modern problems require modern solutions!

To make a big change in your life is certainly difficult. But if you are willing to take one step at a time, you might get there sooner than you think! Try this trick that gradually leads you to minimalism and let us know how it goes!

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