The sun is the center of our solar system, and our home planet circles the sun each calendar year. The sun makes life possible here on Earth and we ingest its energy indirectly from the plant and animal foods we eat. We need sunlight on our skin to produce vitamin D for strong bones and immunity. Sunlight is also essential for our mental emotional health and well being.

The sun decides how we count the months of the year, the hours, minutes and seconds of the day. We truly are light beings, influenced at so many levels by a gigantic ball of fire.

As light beings ourselves we are also able to produce our own light, our inner light shines through our eyes, skin and energy field. Living life “on purpose” is an important part of keeping that inner flame going.

When we are “off purpose” and not connected to, and expressing our unique purpose in life, our inner light is dampened. There are several indications that you are not shining as brightly as you could, impacting your physical, mental and soul/spiritual well-being. Let’s take a closer look at some of the manifestations of an inner light “on low”.

Signs & Symptoms Your Inner Light Is Low:

1. Physical Symptoms

Health problems and various diseases are more likely to find a home in you when your inner light is low. This is because your vibrational frequency is lower and a good match to many diseases. As a general rule, taking individual skin pigmentation into account, the healthier you are, the more sunshine can you take without burning.

A great example is healthy and active children who run around all day long in the sun without getting sunburn. A person who is ill or in convalescence must be very careful with how much sun they are exposed to since they burn easily. What we are seeing here is your inner light’s ability to “match” the outer light of the sun. The stronger your inner light, the more sunshine can you receive.

2. Mental Symptoms

Anyone who has ever experienced SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is well aware that the lack of sunlight during dark winter months can have severe impact on your mood, general well being and “joie de vivre”. By making sure your inner light is burning brightly you are reducing the need and your sensitivity to fluctuations in the availability of the outer light.

3. Soul Spiritual Symptoms

We’ve all heard the expression “going to the dark side of the moon” describing a
spiritual crisis where a desperate search for meaning is playing out in a place
seemingly void of light. A crisis is an opportunity to quickly let go of old patterns that are no longer working and step into a new way of being and doing that ignites your inner light.

There are several ways to boost your inner light with a healthy lifestyle and sound relationships being the obvious ones. Leading a life that brings meaning and purpose on a very personal level, allowing you to connect with and express your unique gifts, in another surefire way to boost your inner light. A great place to start is to have a “Life Purpose Profile™” and deepen your understanding of what you are all about on a
soul level.

Author's Bio: 

Annika has intuitively allowed herself to be guided on a path that at times seemed to make little sense. Her experiences range from the world of business and technology to that as a healer. With degrees in economics and computer science as well as diplomas in several modalities of natural health and personal growth, she has allowed herself to grow as a whole person. As a Purpose2Business Mentor & Hand Analyst, Annika is uniquely positioned to take her clients from discovering their Life’s Purpose to taking inspired action on that purpose, by mastering their mindset.

Annika understands that to thrive in the new economy we must be authentic and creative while at the same time understand how to get things done in the “real world”. By showing her clients how to bridge their masculine and feminine energies she is a leader in the emerging “Grounded Personal Growth” industry.

Annika is the founder of TrulyU and works with her clients privately and in groups. To learn more about Annika’s work and to get free "Purpose2Business Tools" you are invited to visit