With a whopping $390 million in revenue and $74 million in pre-tax profits from November 2019 to November 2020, OnlyFans has become the numero uno subscription platform in the world now. It offers exclusive content (photos and videos) uploaded by the leading models and stars for users based on monthly subscription plans.

Extreme sports like BMX racing, horse surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, parasailing, parkour, scuba diving, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing are also getting more attention these days from people as they look to enjoy more action and adventure in their lives.

Athletes who love Extreme sports can make a good source of income by posting the content of their skills to more than 120 million daily active users on the OnlyFans subscription platform.

Entrepreneurs aiming to attract athletes and extreme sports professionals can initiate customized OnlyFans clone platform development by seeking dedicated assistance from a reputed app development company. Well-functioning Android and iOS apps will be created for the athletes along with a modern admin dashboard to upload and distribute the content.

How athletes gain immensely by using the feature-packed OnlyFans Clone Platform?

  • Multiple streams of revenue from live streaming of content, pay-per-view messaging, subscription plans paid by the fans, and tips.
  • Frequent payout of income daily, weekly, and monthly by the admin of the OnlyFans clone platform to the bank accounts or digital wallets of the athletes.
  • The athletes can easily attract more followers by posting different content like highlights of various competitions and tournaments, tips on fitness, tutorial videos for beginners, and exclusive footage of preparation and training.
  • Complete freedom in deciding the distribution and promotional strategy of content as there is no control of centralized authorities and an absence of intermediaries.
  • There is no chance of copyright infringement and duplication of content published by the athletes on the OnlyFans clone. Laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are complied with.

Final Thoughts

OnlyFans has become a renowned name in the booming business of content subscription now more than 4 and a half years since it emerged in the market (September 2016). It has got support from popular celebrities and even ordinary people like teachers and models have started earning millions of dollars from the online platform.

Combat sports like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) can impress thousands of sports fans on a platform like OnlyFans. Hence, entrepreneurs can earn hefty revenue by allowing extreme sports athletes to post their high-quality content on the game-changing OnlyFans clone platform made by a knowledgeable app development company.

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