Though we are already in a modern world, women who do the pursuing, particularly after their boyfriend has broken up with them might come off as a little desperate. But then again, those who do nothing get nothing and in fact, women can get their boyfriend back through covert but very effective techniques. From the thorough research I did on how to win a boyfriend back after our breakup, here are some practical tips for you.

Understand that before asking, how to get your boyfriend back, you should think about what went wrong first. There is nothing wrong with moping right after a break up, but reflecting on the problems of your relationship and how to improve it is much more helpful than self-pity and dislike. Since you'll most likely break up again if you haven't learned anything from the first break up, you need to understand what went wrong before you try to save the relationship.

With some research, you'll discover that the real problem isn't so much what you can do to get him back, but more what you can do to yourself to become a better person. Rather than using manipulative tactics to win him back, become the woman that he fell for the first time around.

Spend time focusing on what made him fall in love with you the first time around. It was probably your fun energy or how you had dreams and goals in your life that were set on pursuing. Refocus on these and you'll definitely be on the right track.

Take time to do the things that you love doing. Pick up old hobbies. Restore relationships with friends that you've let drift a bit. And set some realistic goals for yourself. These things will help your ex feel like you are moving your life in a positive direction and make him want to be a part of your life again. They will also boost your own sense of self-confidence and self esteem as you make progress toward your goals.

These are just some tips I found when I was curious about how can I win my boyfriend back. Don't forget that it's better not to contact him in any way during this time. In the first place, if he's not interested to the developments you've been making on yourself, it will probably annoy him more than anything (after all he did break up with you).

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