How to get into Harvard Business School? This is one daunting questions that haunt most MBA aspirants. Being in this industry for quite some time now and having counselled many students I have come across this question umpteen times. And frankly, I never had a concrete answer to this query! There is no stereotype route to make it to Harvard. Besides, it is not sheer luck either. Though you will find a lot many people saying that everybody has a good potential to get into Harvard; it is far from true according to me. Unless you have a good profile, have struggled your way up in the corporate world or achieved something considerable in a short span, delivered on some really hi-tech projects, taken up key leadership roles, have an excellent GMAT score, have had a decent academic background it is difficult how you would get into a big name like this.

Harvard Business School is actually a network of individuals engaged in tasks dedicated to a single function --developing leaders. Our MBA graduates use the abilities they develop here to Encourage innovation and change throughout their own lives --in both business and also in other organizations, in their communities, and also in society. Among the Critical features that distinguish the HBS MBA expertise are: Standard control attention, the situation method Global reaches a community expertise.

Additionally, presenting an outstanding application will do you no good if you do not replicate the same during your interviews. While the admissions committee wants to see the real you in the application, the interviewers would want to gauge if the person you have portrayed yourself in the application is the same as the one they are talking to. Even a small miss here and there leads to an outright rejection!

You may have to pardon my language; however, applicants must understand that not everybody is an Ivy League material. So just because you have a 790 does not mean Harvard should take you in. When it comes to Harvard, as mentioned before, a holistic view of the application determines if you are the kind of an applicant that Harvard is looking for.

Of what I have deduced over years of experience is that you ought to be an “early maker” to get into Harvard. A self-motivated soul who believes in taking initiatives and is truly entrepreneurial at heart makes a good candidature for Harvard. A creative streak and an industrial approach pull you like a magnet when the question is How to get into Harvard Business School?

Another most important aspect is that you will not be spoon fed at Harvard. You will have to go out of your comfort zone, research on your own, ask questions till you get satisfactory responses and figure out stuff for yourself. If you consider yourself as someone who fits in the above scheme of things, you stand an excellent chance to survive in such an environment. If your essays bring out traits that can make the adcoms believe you can sustain the rigor at Harvard and that you have the potential to make it big post the program, chances of getting admitted to this dream business school will be high. Harvard expects its incoming students to have immense clarity on their post-program goals. It’s not just about getting admitted; it is about how sorted you are in terms of your career. What goals do you have post-Harvard? Do you have enough clarity on how you would attain your long-term career aspirations? Do you have attainable goals and the willingness to achieve them come what may? If you can make Harvard believe you on this front, things may get easier for you.

Take a look at your past; are your academic grades good enough? Do you have a decent GMAT/GRE score? Is your TOEFL in place? How many years of experience do you have? Do these statistics match the average class profile?

The Class of 2020 at Harvard boasts of an average GPA of 3.71/4.0 and a median GMAT score of 730. The average age of its class is 27. 930 students were admitted from amongst 9886 applications; imagine how cut-throat it is to get into the school? Calculate the acceptance rate, and you will realize it is not a cake walk. The students accepted represent 69 countries; imagine the diverse cohort you are competing with.

Deteriorating Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is one of the most highly aggressive business schools. The Harvard Business School offers doctoral applications, a full-time MBA application, and executive training plans that are lots of. The faculty also supplies joint degree programs with other Harvard schools, including the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School. Back in 2016,'' 9,543 people applied to the faculty's MBA plan, where 13 percent were admitted, while at 2014, 4 percent of those 790 those who implemented for its faculty's doctoral curriculum were announced. The entire enrolment was roughly 1,900 students, and also the average cost to get the full year of tuition was roughly $61,500.

My intention here is only to get you to face and accept reality. So early movers, plan each of your moves in great detail and get ready to apply to Harvard. You must judge your application with utmost honesty and put in your 200% if you are targeting a business school of this cadre. A half-hearted application will surely prove detrimental.

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