Everyone in Australia loves to experiment with their architecture. While renovating or constructing a new house, they want to do something that can add real value to their property. As you go through the stats of architectural changes in Australia, you will soon find out that most of the Aussies have done a lot of work with their buildings already.

Now, it’s your turn to do something special about your house too while you are going for home renovation and new construction. Did you know that double storey reverse living house designs is the trendiest building plan if you are building a double storied house? Find out the valid reasons behind such popularity of this specific design.

It Brings a Dash of Change in Lifestyle

The idea of reverse living is all about switching you to an entirely new lifestyle and habit. As you bring the bedroom and bathroom to the ground floor and shift your living space, kitchen and dining room on the upper level, it's going to leave an impact on your lifestyle.

It Creates a Private Space

If you live with your parents, you must seek for a bit of privacy in your own house. However, switching the traditional style with the concept of upside-down home can let you finally have your private space. Just design for a master bedroom suite for your parents upstairs alongside with the living room and you can enjoy your private area in your bedroom downstairs. And, finally, when it comes to having lunch or dinner together, you can do it in the dining room upstairs, not forcing your parents to come down.

Proper Ventilation System will be Possible

There will absolutely be no problem with the ventilation in your house anymore as you opt for this design. Think of the situations with the traditional building designs. In most of cases, both the bathrooms and bedrooms remain on the upper floor, where you will need doors and brick walls to maintain privacy. However, it is the top floor that makes way for natural air and light.

Now, just reverse the plan, and you will understand how this particular building design was done by the best eco home builder in Melbourne will prove to be helpful for you in terms of proper ventilation. The breeze and natural light will find its passage through your living room, dining room and kitchen. So, now you can actually enjoy nature and cook your food at the same time.

A Good View Every Morning for a Fresh Start

Imagine yourself climbing upstairs from your bedroom with a cup of coffee in hand from where you can clearly see the coastal line. Even if your house is not located in a coastal area, still you will be able to enjoy the natural greenery around.

For upside-down home, you must check out the surrounding area and make sure there are no visual obstructions. If a brick wall blocks your view, there is no point of changing the building plan of course.


Now, take your phone out and make a call to the professional builders who have prior experience with eco home building with the reverse living design. Take quotes from the professionals and make your building design stand out from the rest.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a reputed eco home builder in Melbourne and has experience working with double storey reverse living house designs for many Australian homes.