If you stop to consider all of the things you own that get lost every day or at every other day, your keys are sure to be one of the top contenders on the list. This is largely because they are tiny in nature and can easily slip into a nook and cranny you may never even know exists. This can also be because the things you are looking for or are the most in need of have a way of vanishing from the face of the earth rapidly. Whatever may be the case, the Panasonic keychain, better known as the Seekit Loop, gives you sure shot answers to all of these problems making certain you find your keys efficiently and without wasting any time in between.

The Seekit Loop can be tagged to anything

Besides your keys, the Seekit Loop can also make it easy to find your pets and even speakers. You can tag it to your dog’s collar and attach it your speakers. It can be tagged to anything you want to keep a track of. It depends on Bluetooth 5.0 to connect with your smartphone. In this way, you know the location of your belongings accurately. The energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 gives the Seekit Loop a battery life of up to 12 months so you can utilize it to its maximum potential for a good year uninhibitedly.

The device comes with a LED indicator as well as a buzzer that springs to life as soon as the tracker disconnects from your smartphone. The LED indicator makes it seamless to find your possessions even in the dark. The alerts you obtain on your smartphone can be customized according to the way you like it. This can be a lifesaver when you have more than one Seekit tracking tags.

If you happen to lose something

If you are having a tough time finding your valuables or in particular your keys, all you have to do is take advantage of the various features the device is equipped with.

The Separation Indicator: makes sure you hear an alert on your smartphone whenever your valuable disconnects.
The Proximity Guidance: makes it easy to head closer to your possessions in an assured manner owing to this feature on the Seekit app.

The Last Seen Location: ensures you do not need to retrace your steps. All you have to do is have a look at your Seekit app to check where you last left your valuables.

The Splash Proof Feature: ensures the device can seamlessly help you find your possessions without having to worry about water or any other liquid wreaking havoc with your search operations.

Bi-Directional Tracking: ensures you can conduct search processes even when your phone is on silent mode. Rest assured, you can find your keys just as easily as you can find your smartphone with this feature.

Other than this, it comes with multiple alert modes, a quick selfie button to help you capture flawless selfies wherever you go and crowd GPS that makes use of the Seekit community of app users to find your belongings.

Give these factors and elements, you can see why this tracking device for keys is a preferred choice among many users. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get hold of this device and put an end to rigorous search operations once and for all.

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