How do I develop applications like ClubHouse?

Pandemic years have changed our daily routine. Social distance and kuncian have changed the way we socialize and connect with others. It has changed our focus to see alternative communication and entertainment online, and thus has improved the digital industry. The social media genre has received a large amount of encouragement.
One of the latest entries in this genre and the social media platform leader that appears is the Clubhouse application. This article will discuss the Clubhouse application and how much it costs to develop applications like Clubhouse.
What is the Clubhouse application? And how do you develop applications like ClubHouse?
Clubhouse is a social media chat application audio-only audio available for iOS platform and will soon be launched for the Android platform. This application can be used for hearing communication through the rooms, and group capacity is 5000 people.
This application can host virtual rooms for direct discussions with opportunities for people to be speakers or participate as listeners.
To develop applications such as Clubhouse is not an easy task. It requires the development team, the latest technology, design and methodology step by step to develop perfect applications such as clubhouse. It also requires a lot of technical knowledge and the right team work. This is what you need to develop applications like Clubhouse.
Team requires the development of the Clubhouse application:
Project manager
Android Developer.
IOS developer.
Back-end developer
QA Engineer.
Business analyst
UI / UX Designer
Technology requires to develop applications such as ClubHouse:
Kotlin for Android Development
Swift for iOS development
Node.js for back-end development
AWS or Azure for Cloud
SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for a database
Azure stream analytics for real-time analytics
Google Cloud Services and Push Apple Notification Services for Notifications
Webtc for fire streaming sounds
Fire Streaming Sports Directly
Google Maps API for GEO-LOCATION
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How much does it cost to develop an application like Clubhouse?
Developing applications such as Clubhouse can cost around $ 30,000 - $ 40,000 for one platform (Android or iOS) with all the basic features. However, by incorporating advanced features and developing applications for multiple platforms, prices can rise to $ 90,000.
How much time is needed to develop applications like Clubhouse?
Developing applications like Clubhouse will take around 20 weeks. Time can also increase depending on your needs, the features you choose, and the compatibility of the platform for application development such as Clubhouse.

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