If you are going through a breakup, it can be hard to get your ex back, especially if you were the cause of the breakup. This can confuse your ex and may make them have mixed feelings about the whole breakup.

Who Caused the Breakup

You may be the person who initiated the breakup, but you should want to get back together with him. It's not possible as long as you determine the reason for the breakup. Make sure that the reason is nothing serious such as cheating or anything else.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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If he is the Reason

If he is the one who initiated the break up, then you should try to do things to get his attention. Don't argue with him and if things are getting heated, walk away or change the topic before things get out of hand.

If You're the Reason

If you were the one that broke up with him, take charge and talk to him. Tell him you are ready to start over and change all the bad things that were in your relationship before. If there are things that he wanted you to do before, do them now and show him you can be what he wants you to be.

Ask for Help

Get in touch with his friends and ask them for ways to get him back. Make sure his friends catch every good thing you do that would impress your ex. They are going to talk to him and tell him about you. This is going to get him back to you soon enough.

Don't Change Too Much

After the breakup, you may have changed in some areas, but don't change the things that your ex liked about you. For example if he liked the way you dressed, don't change that. Change things that he did not like though and this will let him see you are trying to change.

Remind Him of Good Times

If you are out with him and he had an outfit that he adored you in, wear it and he will remember the good times you two had. If you tow are together and you hear a song that meant something to the two of you, remind him of it and he will think about the good times.

Spend Some Alone Time Together
Spending alone time together can help you two rekindle old feelings that were lost during the breakup.

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You may think that because you and your ex broke up that it's the end of the world. You may also be wondering how in the world you are going to get them back, and if it's even possible. Don't fret. There are effective and useful things to keep in mind to help you.

Admit Your Mistakes
No one like to be wrong, especially when it comes to trying to get your ex back. However, this can get you some brownie points and one step closer to being with them again. Admit what you did wrong that added to the breakup and your ex will forgive you.

Is There Someone Else?
If your ex is currently seeing someone, then it's going to be a chore to get them to realize you've changed and want the relationship to work. If you ex really likes their current partner, you are going to have to give them every reason to see that you want them back. This could take time, but will pay off in the end.

Understand Their Feelings
While you may not want to, if your ex wants nothing to do with you, always respect their feelings. If they see this, they may come back around eventually, and while time is of a virtue, you are going to have to suck it up and wait it out. If it was meant to be, then your ex is going to be pounding down your door in no time.

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Keep Conversations Casual
If you are for some reason chatting with them, no matter if it's in person, through texting, or on the phone, never ever bring up an issue or a problem that the two of you had in the past. This is going to cause an argument and will never get them back. Talk about hobbies and get to know your partner again.

Find Reasons to Talk to Them
This can be something as simple as calling to tell them something amazing you did or accomplished. Doing so can in a way impress them and they are going to be happy for what you've done. Don't brag about it, but just tell them as if they would want to know. This will get you talking to them and get you a chance to get them back.

Become Friends
Yes, this is going to be hard to do, but this technique is probably one of the most effective ones out there. By remaining friends with your ex you can learn their in's and outs and the more you are around them and hang out with them, the more they are going to realize how great you two are together and in the end, will want you back as well.

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You want your ex back but you resent the way he tries to make you chase him. Besides you haven't really made up your mind whether it would be a good idea to get back with him. Therefore, it is a good idea to stop chasing your ex and make him chase you instead! Here are some tips to help you.

Stop pursuing your ex completely
You know that he is trying to get you to chase him and you resent that. So why is it that you are falling for his ruse and pursuing him? If you don't want to be the one chasing, then you should stop it immediately. Once he realizes that you are not going to chase him he will pursue you instead.

Make your ex inquisitive about you
Ignore all the hints and ruses he is trying to get you to chase him. Instead show him that you are interested in living your life to the full. Do various things like becoming a member of the best club or gym in town and get busy with various hobbies and activities. This will make him really curious about you.

Push the right buttons
Don't try to irritate him or make him furious because you are not falling for his baits! Know what to say and do so that he is constantly motivated to chase you instead and keep his sights on you. By doing this you will always have him in your control.

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Time it right and then hit on him
Don't be too eager or anxious to get back with him. Weigh all the pros and cons of getting back with him and if you find that it is not worth it - drop the idea instantly. On the other hand if you find yourself still eager to get back, wait till the timing feels right before you send him signals.

Show him that you are being chased
It is important to let him realize that you are a girl who is still very attractive and very capable of finding a partner. If he notices that he is not the only guy who wants you, he will redouble his efforts to get you back. Make him see that others are also interested in chasing you.

Tease, tantalize and tempt him
Since he is always trying to get you to chase him again, it is better not to comply with his wishes immediately. Tease and tantalize him by looking even more adorable and sexy. Once you know that he can't take it anymore - succumb and get back with him.

Get involved with other things and become unavailable
Don't let him get the idea that all he has to do is chase you and you will fall over backwards! The fact that you are not interested in chasing him no matter how hard he is trying to get you to do just that, should let him know that you have other things on your agenda and he will have to work hard himself to get you interested again.

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It is only natural that a woman wants to keep some of her pride after being dumped by her ex! One way to make him impressed and even jealous would be to let him know that you are involved in a whole lot of activities that do not allow you to even think of him and the past! Here are some excellent tips to help you in this area.

Let him see that you are determined to have an exciting life
If he is expecting you to be sad and dejected because he is no longer a part of your life then you have to prove him wrong! Make sure you do everything to let him know that you are determined to have a life - and an exciting one at that! The sight of you gallivanting with your new circle of friends will make him curious and impressed.

Let him know casually that you will be vacationing with friends
When you meet him you can casually mention that you will be vacationing with some friends and are extremely excited about it. Not only will he begin to wonder who the "friends" are, but he will be amazed at the fact that you are so popular and have made such close friends.

Talk about the amazing dance classes you take
All you have to do is talk animatedly about the new salsa dance classes that you take. He is bound to be impressed to see the new confidence and grace that you seem to have acquired of late. You could also casually mention the "hot" guy who dances divinely and see your ex burn with jealousy.

Speak about the new club you have joined
The fact that you have gone ahead and made your life even more exciting than it was in the past will no doubt impress your ex. He might even get a little jealous to think that you seem to have forgotten him completely. Speak about the new club you have joined and the exciting things on your agenda and he will wonder if he was too hasty in dumping you.

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Let him know that you are too busy!
You can always make him know that you are not at a loose end and miserable any more. He will begin to resent any sort of independence you show because it will just prove that he does not have a hold over you anymore! Look busy and be seen out having a good time.

Let him hear you speak of this new cocktail dress you bought
One of the best ways to make him curious about you and your activities is to let him hear you talk about the gorgeous new black lace cocktail dress that you bought. Keep him guessing as to where you will be going and with whom!

Speak about sports events and other things in his hearing
If you were the last person on earth to discuss sports events and other "guy" topics in the past, impress the hell out of him by becoming savvy about them now. Let him hear you speak about football or golf in a way that makes him wonder who you are dating that got you so interested in sports!

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