How Do I Seduce My Wife: How to Seduce Your Wife and Have Her Initiate Sex More

The husband who wishes to enjoy sex more often must get clear on the fact that his wife is not interested in any kind of an offer where she loses. A man's wife will almost always reject a seduction attempt if she in any way thinks, believes, or feels that in the final outcome she will lose.

Now, there are an endless number of specific ways a woman can lose. Fortunately, we can wrap all of those variations up into a simple, easy-to-understand pattern - and it has to do with a wife giving more than she receives. Here's the Loss-Pattern:

"In a woman's mind, any situation where she can give physical and/or emotional pleasure without receiving an equal or greater level of physical and/or emotional pleasure in return is considered a loss situation that is to be avoided at all cost."

At first, this pattern may seem so broad as to not be very useful. But, after you think about it a little more, you'll begin to see its usefulness and the beauty of its inherent flexibility.

As a husband becomes better and better at basing his seduction around the framework of this pattern, he'll find himself becoming a better and better seducer - seducing his wife more and more often.

Let's start with the negative side. Browse through the following list of examples where men commonly invoke the Loss-Pattern, causing their wife to avoid and reject his future sexual advances:

1. A husband thinking only of himself and his pleasure before, during, and after the sexual act. He doesn't notice or care if she's into the experience or if she's even really stimulated or turned on. He only cares about jumping in and taking care of himself.

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2. A husband failing to notice that his wife is uncomfortable or hurting during sex. Even worse, he notices her discomfort or pain but continues on because he only cares about getting himself off.

3. A husband giving no regard to whether his wife might become pregnant or at risk health wise. A fertile woman takes on the risk of having to spend the next 20 (or more) years raising and caring for a child every time she engages in sex. Further, medical science tells us that a woman is at greater risk than a man is of contracting a STD or developing a sexual health problem such as a yeast infection.

Husband, take a few moments to carefully compare this list to your own bedroom actions and behaviors. Consider it carefully because most men think it does NOT apply to them while their wife says that it DOES apply to them.

The fact is, the husband who is guilty of any of these inconsiderate violations (and there are plenty more that could be listed) will soon find his woman resisting most or even all of his sexual advances.

She'll resist because he's presenting her with an offer where he "wins" and she "loses". Guess what? No wife is interested in that kind of offer.

Now, let's consider the "opportunity" aspect of the Loss-Pattern. Of special importance is the phrase, "physical and/or emotional pleasure". This is especially important because it gives the husband multiple opportunities and paths by which he may seduce his wife.

Ideally, a woman will get peak levels of pleasure both physically and emotionally from a sexual encounter. However, given the stresses, responsibilities, and constraints of life, this isn't always possible.

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In general, a woman's source of pleasure can cycle between the physical aspect and the emotional aspect of love-making. It all depends upon what's going on in her life, what external influencers she may be encountering, where she's at in her cycle (if she's a menstruating woman), the approach of her husband, and a myriad of other factors that can move her from one aspect to the other.

(On the fringes of normal, there are some women who have an under-developed sexual response and so their pleasure comes primarily from the emotional aspect of love-making. On the other extreme, there are women who have emotionally shut themselves down and so they only allow themselves to feel the physical aspect of love-making.)

So again, the opportunity for the seducing husband is that there are multiple ways that he can give his wife pleasure.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this concept that I've ever come across is the story of a woman who suffered a back injury that permanently paralyzed her from the waist down. The net effect was that she could feel nothing during sexual intercourse - and yet this woman wanted sex and enjoyed having sex with her husband. Now, how could that be? It was simply because her husband made it a very emotionally satisfying experience for her every time they made love.

This brings us to the corollary Win-Pattern that every husband should firmly implant in his mind if he desires to successfully seduce his wife. The pattern is:

"A woman will want to give physical and/or emotional pleasure any and every time she knows she can get an equal or greater level of physical and/or emotional pleasure in return."

Let me wrap this up with this. The husband who becomes very good at seducing his wife based on the Win-Pattern will eventually reach a Pavlovian-like sex-life. Just like Ivan Pavlov could ring a bell and his dogs started salivating because they expected to be fed, this kind of husband can ring the "sex bell" and his wife will start desiring sex because she expects to get physical and/or emotional pleasure. To some, this might sound a bit crass, but since it's a win for both husband and wife, that makes it good.

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"What do you do for a living?" asked the man standing beside me as I waited for my lunch. "I help create happy, sex-filled marriages." I replied.

"Really?" was his surprised response. "How do you that?" he asked as he stepped closer to me.

"Well, if you first consider that the idea of being attractive, loving, and sexual is normal and natural for both men and women, you'd think everything would work just fine, right?"

"Right!" he said.

I continued, "But, we all know things happen in marriages that shut these normal and natural functions down, agreed?"

"Absolutely." he agreed.

"So, what I've done is create a formula that a man can use in his marriage to create a response in his wife where she once again wants to be attractive, loving, and sexual to, with, and for her husband."

"Really?" was his even wider-eyed response. "Say, could we talk about this some more as we eat our lunch?" he asked.

I agreed and as we made our way to a table, he began unloading his story on me...

"My wife is way over-weight, which plain and simple is a sex killer for me! She let herself go after our two kids came along - she just gave up on herself - and now she refuses to do anything about it.

But, being overweight isn't the only problem - she also has all kinds of medical problems. If she's not sick with one thing, it's two of something else. Not only that, but I've had all I can stand of her saying "NO!" in the bedroom. Between her weight problem, her health problems, and her "No's", I'm completely turned off by my wife.

I think I could get back to desiring sex again with her but NOT while she's overweight and won't do anything about it...about the only solutions I can see are to hope for a fatal heart attack, shoot myself in the head or just get a divorce and experience the bliss of bankruptcy.

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I don't know exactly what your formula is but can it inspire my wife lose weight and become attractive again? I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET MY WIFE TO BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE AND SEXUAL - but I just don't see how that's possible."

As the man finished and slumped over his lunch with a dejected and hopeless look of despair on his face, was reminded yet again of why I do what I do. I smiled at him as I responded...

"I can help you - if you'll let me... to do that, I need to tell you a few things that may at first seem a little harsh. But, if you'll take them to your heart-of-hearts and consider them, you'll find that I'm giving you the truth.

First, you need to understand that a woman reacts and responds to the man that's in her life.

Now, I don't mean that a woman is less than a man in any way because she's not - I just mean that she is wired in such a way that she is reactionary to the man that's in her life. Based on the things a man does, the woman in his life reacts positively, negatively, sexually, non-sexually, etc.

Now, you've probably never heard anything like that before but that doesn't take away its truth. If you think about it, even the most hard-core feminist is reacting to men.

Let me ask you this...what if a man who your wife easily recognized as a top music or movie star walked through the front door of your house right now. Assuming your wife was at home, do you think she would react and respond in the same way she does when you walk through that same door? Of course not, you and I both know her reaction and her response would be dramatically different.

The reason I'm saying all of this is to help you understand that YOU have created and are creating the marriage that you currently live in.

The things that you are doing right now (however conscious or unconscious they may be) are causing your wife to react as she is - gaining weight, saying no, etc. The same thing applies to the health problems...your wife's sickness is nothing more than a reaction to you manifested in her physical body.

The word "disease" means a "body not at ease". So, in fact, your wife's sickness is nothing more than "dis--ease" in her body that's been triggered by the stress, unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment that she is experiencing - as she reacts to you. I hope you're starting to get really excited as you think about what I'm saying and recognize that if you have the power to create the kind of marriage that you DON'T want, then by the Laws of Nature, you also have the power to create the kind of marriage that you DO want.

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A moment ago, you said you would do ANYTHING to have the kind of wife and marriage you want.

Would you really? Are you really willing to learn how to do certain things in a certain way in order to create the kind of marriage you want?

I ask you that because most men don't really want to do anything different. The only thing they want to do is point all the blame at their wife. They want their wife to do something to fix herself and all the problems. The problem is, she can't fix it. Why? It's because she's reacting to the man. She's reacting and responding to what's coming to her from the man. You also said you desire an attractive and sexual wife.

That's an excellent and noble desire, not only for your sake but for your wife and children's sake as well - a happy home is a place where everyone wins.

The question is, are you willing to follow through and make that desire a reality?

You see, it's YOU who FIRST needs to do "something" - not your wife. It's you who needs to create a different reaction and response in your wife. That's what my formula is all about. And, after you've applied the formula for a time, don't be surprised when your wife starts losing weight, starts becoming more sexual, and her sickness goes into remission or completely disappears.

This is a very powerful concept if you can accept it. Think of a light switch. One could argue for a long time about how and why the light bulb turns on. Or, you can just flip the switch on and enjoy the light.

In the same way, you can let this concept rub your ego in the wrong way and refuse to accept it. Or, you can just use the concept to benefit you, your wife, and your children." As I finished, I could tell that this man's awareness had just went through a monumental expansion. Suddenly, his world was bright and alive with possibility and opportunity where before it was dark and hopeless.

"I've got to get back to work." he said. "How do I get my hands on your formula?"

I pulled out a napkin, wrote my website address on it and handed it to him. As the man dashed out the door, I felt an overwhelming gratefulness for the opportunity to make a difference in yet another marriage.

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My relationship with my wife is not going smoothly recently. We have been living happily for years, but everything seems different now and she is going to file for a divorce very soon. Can my wife love me again? I do not wish to leave her and what are the ways to get her back?

Things will not turn badly overnight and I am sure there were problems in the relationship, but you did not realize it. Here are 4 simple tips that you can use to get your wife back.

What went wrong with your marriage?
Think about the problems that may be happening to your marriage. Your wife doesn't love you because of what reasons? Probably she found out about your affair? She hates about your bad habits like gambling, laziness? You did not keep your promises though you promised to change? Did you shower lesser attention and care on her? Or she found someone new?

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Begging, crying, controlling or swearing?
Communicating with each other can become very difficult and it will seem like all things are not going accordingly to what you wish for. There is no point begging and crying to her not to leave you. It is not going to work either if you think that controlling her movements can stop her from divorcing you. Even swearing to change your ways at this time will not help to get your wife back. Things will get only worse and she will drift further away from you. On the contrary, learn to let go and give her enough freedom and space.

Have some time apart
It is really very pressurising to be in a bad relationship. Having some time apart will give her more space to breath and do her own things. When things are moving in a lesser pressure situation, communication will get better slowly. This can give her more time to think of what she really wants out from the marriage, sometimes the right space can give enough room for improvement and reflection.

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You are not on very good terms with your wife recently. You also realize it is not easy to communicate with her as well and she seems not to love you as much as before. "Will my wife ever love me again if I apologize non-stop? Or if I keep swearing to her that I will change? You think of whatever "If I" that you could come out with. However, some actions and words will actually stop her from loving you.

1. Will my wife ever love me again if I keep apologizing?
Problems do not appear over the night in a marriage and your wife must be feeling equally frustrated. Many people will think it is a good idea to give in and so called "surrender" that it is their fault in order to solve the problems quickly. However, things will not improve without understanding the real causes and the same problem will come back. Instead of apologizing profusely, talk to your wife and take time to understand what she really wants.

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2. Will my wife ever love me again if I show my persistency to want her back?
If your wife moved out of the house suddenly, telling you that she needs some space of her own, avoid contacting her for time being. You are likely to panic and because you are missing her so much, you probably will keep calling and texting her to come back. Give her some space and time to cool down. It is difficult to win her trust and confidence back when both of your emotions are not under control.

3. Will my wife ever love me again if I swear not to do things that she doesn't like?
How many times will swearing work? Once or twice? Pure determination to change bad ways is through actions and not just by saying. If you have been swearing many times that you will change and have not done so, do you think your wife will still believe?

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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