How To Get My Husband To Sleep: What Does It Mean When Your Husband Won't Make Love To You

Couples nowadays are more aware about the importance of sex in their marriage relationship. There are an increasing number of organized sex and relationship workshops to cater for the increasing awareness. Going for sex counseling or sex coaching workshops are becoming common as couples seek to have a better quality sex life. According to sex experts, below are the things to avoid ensuring your sex life remains happy.

#1: Do not mix up your current partner with your ex
What you learn from a previous partner may not go down well with your current partner. Your previous partner loved an ear tongue-bath but your current partner may find it a complete turn-off. Therefore, do not assume that what you have learned from your previous partners will apply to your current partner. Find out what are your partner's likes and dislikes and do not make assumptions.

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#2: Do not get stuck into a set routine
After a few years, sex can develop into a boring routine. Enhance your sex life and make it exciting. Learn to do it differently, in a different environment and using different techniques. Widen your knowledge about sex and be adventurous.

#3: Do not stop communicating
Some couples may be reluctant to talk about sex preferring to keep quiet to avoid creating problems or embarrassing the partner. Try to put sex in your daily conversation and talk about ways to make it enjoyable, whatever that catches your fancy. Be open minded to try what your partner is suggesting and talk about your own preferences. Having daily conversation means your wishes and needs are communicated to your partner and vice-versa.

#4: Do not stop learning
Both partners may be lacking in experience in the area of love-making or physical intimacy. Hence, it is important to brush up your love-making skills to mutually satisfy each other's needs. There should be a lot of encouragement and constructive criticisms being exchanged and both partners will benefit from this practice.

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Isn't it interesting the way we buy into common sayings and phrases and hear them or even quote them as if they were a standing truth or self evident.

The next myth revolves around one of those common phrases and why it can be harmful to a marriage or relationship and how marriage problems are inevitable if you start from this premise.

So, Marriage Myth

"Opposites Attract"

I had a conversation about this with a friend the other day. She made a big point about the fact that my wife's and my own musical tastes were 'opposite', ergo there was some truth in the saying. Fair comment - until you lightly scrape away the surface. True, my wife finds my musical leanings a bit heavy for her ears. She likes pop. I'm more into rock and metal. So 'opposites' then?

Well, no.

She doesn't oppose my music. She's just not into it. Hell, I've even hosted a radio rock show. She didn't threaten to leave me if I did so. She's not in opposition to, or against, my taste... and there's the point. We both like music. It would be a different matter if she was opposed to music.

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OK - I'm making a point based on absolutes here. Let me bring this closer to the spirit of the article.

What attracts people to each other is what they have in common.

Read that sentence again.

This is the starting point for relationships and the glue that holds marriages together and helps many to overcome their marriage problems. That doesn't mean to say that you have to have everything in common, you know, like wearing the same designer jumper and liking the exact same foods. It doesn't mean that you should try to like everything your partner likes either. It's about being able to tolerate those differences.

Again, the importance lies in the common things that bind us. The things that attract people to each other in the first place - the strengths in a relationship. That's how my wife and I saved our marriage. Instead of arguing about our differences, we reconnected to the things that brought us together; a sense of social justice, a love of skiing, wanting to travel, a family. Once we had remembered and reconnected to these we were able to re-ignite our relationship and deal with the differences that we had allowed to interfere.

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If your marriage is suffering, please know that you are not alone. Since the divorce rate has climbed over 50%, your situation, like many other situations, is part of a changing demographic in this country. Why do so many marriages fail? The answer to this is complicated and largely dependent on your own personal situation. If you want to save your marriage now, please answer the questions below to start finding solutions to your marital problems:

- Why did you get married?

- How old were you when you were married?

- What do you and your spouse tend to fight most about?

- When you fight, does it ever become violent or abusive?

- Have you sought the help of a marriage counselor?

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- Are you willing to work your marriage out or would you rather be divorced?

- Do you have children?

- Has you or your spouse ever had an affair?

- If there was one thing you could say to your spouse, what would it be?

These questions will be some of the first questions a marriage counselor would ask you and your spouse and they will help the counselor determine whether or not your marriage is salvageable. If you want to save your marriage now, you will need to begin finding the answers to these very tough questions. You must be honest with yourself and with your spouse so that you can find a solution to your problems. It is possible that your marriage can be saved, but it will take a lot of work from both you and your spouse.

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There is no worse feeling than the heartache, frustration and outright betrayal you feel when your husband or wife says the marriage is over. I was devastated when it happened to me a few years ago. I know first-hand the difficulty of dealing with the emotions, the fear of losing everything you have worked to build, the financial burden, maybe custody of your children, not to mention the partner that you still love. Divorce is a terrible thing to have to endure. If you want to save your marriage, it is very unlikely that traditional marriage counseling is even an option right now.

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What you need is an effective and proven plan of action. You need to learn about the common mistakes that often happen in these situations and how to avoid them. You need to put yourself in a calm and confident state of mind that will come when you have the proper plan. You need to learn what to do, what to say and how to behave. You will need to be completely committed to this process, even if parts of it seem strange at first. And most of all, you need to be willing to take action! Time is of the essence and you must not wait around, hoping things will get better. Believe me, I tried that one too!

You really can save your marriage when your spouse wants a divorce and it works even when things look hopeless. It's happening every day and it can happen for you and your spouse as well. Even if you have tried counseling and it was no help, don't worry because this approach is not like traditional counseling anyway. As it turns out the approach has been considered revolutionary and it has been proven to be tremendously successful.

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