I Suspect My Wife Is Cheating but I Have No Proof: How to Ask Your Partner If They Are Cheating

Are you convinced that your spouse has been cheating on you? Does your problem now pertain to finding the right strategy on how to confront a cheating spouse? I must say that not rushing with accusing your partner and taking time to figure out how to confront a cheating spouse is really a smart step and is sure to land you in a better situation with an upper hand. To execute the step well though, you would need to have some really helpful advice handy. Read through what follows then to get acquainted with how to confront a cheating spouse:

Do Not Rush Up With The Confrontation

The first thing that you would need to keep in mind is ascertaining whether or not you have concrete proofs for your partner's infidelity. Be patient therefore and gather enough evidence first. Confrontations made without any conclusive evidence could make the accused blame you instead and get away with the crime unaffected. The best policy to adopt is to decide beforehand upon a time for discussion. Stay calm and collected throughout and make sure that both of you get time to speak and put forth your reasoning.

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Do Not Reveal All

This is especially important if you are looking at mending things and are open to accept your partner back in your life rather than ending the relationship. Make sure that you gather enough evidence against your spouse but be careful of not revealing it all. Blur out only which is necessary and cannot be done away with and obliquely hint at the rest. This would ensure that your spouse is kept guessing and does not revert to the same faithless course again while escaping your notice by knowing the exact extent you could go to catch him.

Never Lose Your Temper

Another rule of the thumb in the "how to confront a cheating spouse" rulebook is to stay calm while making the confrontation. A decision made in a fit of rage and anger is never appropriate and avoid getting hyper while discussing the matter with your spouse therefore. Irrespective of whether apologies or accusations come your way from the other end, gain control over your emotions and stay collected. This would ensure that you are bestowed with the upper hand in the tiff.

Do Not Let Emotional Lures Distract You

Do not get carried away by your spouse's emotional pleadings in such situations as these could very well be lies. Stay unruffled and decide what is best for you. Unless you are really convinced that your spouse is repentant and is willing to work towards bridging the gap, do not accept him back or else this emotional indecisiveness would cost you greatly in the long term.

The end decision is of course yours and the way you wish to resolve the conflict is entirely your call. While recuperating from such pits is not impossible, you would need the correct approach and the execution of the confrontation part could really contribute more that it appears to do.

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Couples who have lost their love for each other is unfortunately a fairly common sight in marriages. So, if your spouse no longer loves you, don't feel desperate and alone. Literally millions of spouses want to learn how to fix a marriage. I know it too well how bad it can feel when your partner isn't emotionally connected to you as before. But this is no time for desperation - read on to know what to do to fix your marriage!

The foremost thing that you need to know to fix a marriage is that people change. Since it wasn't yesterday that you married, you and your partner have changed. Nothing can stay the same - and this is a crucial, key fact in a successful marriage: Your marriage has to adapt. In order to make your marriage adapt, you need to alter things, so that your marriage will not encounter bumps along the road.

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Everyone is more of a "individual" before marriage. The commitment and family life forces you to see yourself less of an individual and more of a part of your family. While this can be good, remember that your spouse married the "you" who was more "individual". Being a spouse and being a friend is different. In order to re-ignite your spouse's feelings for you (and to fix your marriage), you have to make yourself more individual - like the times when you were first married. Take some time to focus on yourself and only yourself. It's easy to forget who you are or were when things are flying in life - children, bills, work etc. So, focus on yourself, and do what you dream. If you don't have a dream - then create one. No one wants a dull person without dreams as their spouse.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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How to cope with a marriage breakdown is unfortunately a question many people feel the need to ask. When you start to see your primary relationship crumbling before your eyes, nothing is more heart wrenching. Many men and women struggle with the knowledge that their spouse just doesn't want to put any effort into saving the relationship and keeping the family together. If you're in this situation now, don't give up. There are things you can do to not only keep your family together but build an unbreakable loving bond between you and your spouse.

Understanding how to cope with a marriage breakdown starts with acknowledging your part in it. It's so easy to point the finger of blame at our spouse once the marriage starts to come apart. It takes two to make a marriage a success, just as it takes two to destroy it. You have to take a good, hard and long look at your part in the disintegration of your relationship. Then you need to own up to it. Apologize to your spouse and be sincere about it. Don't go overboard. Just tell them that you are sorry for what you did. This will go a long way to reestablishing a trusting connection between the two of you.

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You must also give your spouse the assurance that they can share what they are feeling with you, without fear of being emotionally attacked. Sometimes people stop telling their partner what they are feeling because they know it will upset them or make them angry. If your spouse can't share what they're experiencing, you two will never be able to heal the relationship. Allow them time to talk with you, without interruption. Listen carefully to what they say and how they say it. Absorb what they tell you and don't take offense. Learn from it and then share your feelings with them in the same way. Opening the lines of communication is instrumental in coping with a marriage breakdown.

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It is very unnatural to think that while you are separated from your spouse, you will be fine not having face to face interaction, especially if you want to save your marriage. And often, just seeing your spouse to handle practical matters is not enough. Talking to your spouse about childcare or the household bills does nothing to ease your mind as to whether or not your separation is going well or making progress. And, you might crave more quality time with your spouse.

One way to achieve this is to date your spouse or to ask your spouse out. But this is a scarier proposition than you might think. A separation is an incredibly scary time. You have to guess constantly as to what your spouse might be thinking and what he might want. You hope that he is thinking favorably about you and wanting to spend more time with you, but you can't be sure of this. And, if he doesn't, does that mean that you should try harder to pull him closer?

I might hear from a wife who says: "I miss my husband desperately during our separation. We don't see each other nearly enough. I would like for us to begin going out together regularly. I think that he would like this too but I can not be sure about it. I would like to ask him to go out to dinner with me, but I'm scared. There are days when he is nice to me but there are days when it seems as if I annoy him and then he makes it very obvious that he would like to be left alone. I don't want to have him reject me. But I feel like if I do not take the initiative and ask him, then nothing is going to change or improve. I am scared of rejection though. When should you ask your separated spouse out on a date? When is it too soon or too late?"

There is really no set answer to this. But I know a lot of people (myself included) who suffered serious setbacks during their separation when they asked for this too soon. People say that you will never know unless you ask. But, in this case, asking does not come without risk. Because him saying no is only the tip of the iceberg. He may be so uncomfortable that he backs away or worse begins to avoid you and limit your access to him. If you are having a decent amount of give and take right now and you are enjoying a decent amount of access to him, I would be very careful about potentially moving too soon.

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I know that this is probably not what you want to hear, but if I had to do it all over again during my own separation, I would have waited and allowed my husband to be the one to ask me. Because it wasn't until I stopped and allowed him to initiate the contact for a while that I gained any ground. But when I pushed and pursued, he only ran away from me faster.

The other option is to build up to dating or asking him out. What I mean by this is instead of planning an elaborate dinner that might imply a lot of pressure start with something smaller and work your way up to this. Maybe just spontaneously ask if he wants to get a cup of coffee or offer to make him a snack if he's at your house anyway. The idea is to extend the time that you are already spending together. That way, there's no real risk of a huge rejection or him pulling away and it seems like a natural progression.

If you don't like any of these suggestions and are still wondering when is the appropriate time to ask your separated spouse out on a date, my answer to this is when you know, without any doubt, that your spouse is going to say yes. And sometimes, over time, this becomes obvious and you can have this type of certainty. But until that time, I would wait and try to build upon what you already have until either he asks you or until you have absolute confidence that he is going to say yes.

I know that you might think this sounds very insensitive of me. And I apologize for this because I know how badly you want to reestablish a connection. I have been there too. But I also know how delicate a situation this is. And I know how badly it hurts when you push a little too fast and then find your husband not only not wanting to go our with you just yet, but also backing away. If things are bad now, I can tell you the second scenario feels much worse.

In my experience, there is much less risk in moving too late as opposed to too soon. To minimize this risk, it's best to wait for him to ask, set it up so that the dates are just little outings that you are not calling dates, or wait and build on what you have already been successful in establishing.

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