Voicemail enables callers to leave any message in case they are not able to answer calls on their cell phones. We all know that this feature is extremely valuable for us. But, there can be moments when you wish to deactivate this feature.

Maybe, someone is calling you constantly and leaving unwanted voicemails, which then needs you to go through all those voicemails only to put them into trash one by one.

Sprint has made it possible for its users to turn off their voicemail. Customers can do this by calling the customer service or by following a few steps in their voicemail setup system.

Step 1

You can call Sprint customer service. For this, press "2*" on your phone to reach out to the customer service or call the toll-free number. A customer representative will talk to you. Tell him/her that you want to disable the voicemail character from your calling plan. Inquire about how long it will take for the phone to get updated and that for how long feature would remain unavailable to the callers.

Step 2

After that, call into your own voice-mail. Now, when your Sprint voicemail picks up, you need to press "3." This will redirect you to your personal options. Then, press "2" for the greeting. Press "1" for greeting and then, press "3" to remove the voicemail.

Step 3

Lastly, dial your own cell phone number using a different phone and check if the voicemail is now disabled or not. After the voicemail is disabled, your callers will receive a generic message, informing them that you are unavailable. Once it is done, callers will not have the facility to leave a message for you and they can only call you back.

However, if the voicemail is still active, then you may allow some more time for Sprint to process your request and try again later. If you are still facing similar issues, call Sprint customer service for immediate help.

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