Adolescence is considered the time when the transition takes place among teens. During this time, teens go through a huge change in their physical features. Along with the children, their parents too come across a massive alteration in their lives. Numerous parents confront the emerging sexuality of their teen with a combination of worry and confusion. They begin to feel unprepared for their subsequent phase of parenthood. In this situation, when they become parents of a gay child then they come face-to-face with an entire set of concerns and questions. Some parents become surprised when they learn the truth of their child’s sexuality while some wonder whether or not this news is true.

They begin to wonder whether it is their fault for which their child turned into a gay. However, in this situation, they must not hold themselves responsible. There isn’t any proof that would substantiate that being gay happens to be the outcome of the improper or proper raising of a child. Thankfully, numerous parents of their gay teens do understand this fact and so, they begin to accept this fact from the start only. They often feel happy that their child didn’t keep this thing a secret from them. At times, teens take the Am I Straight Quiz for becoming sure of their sexuality.

The acceptance of sexual orientation of kids by their parents

Some parents feel disappointed and upset and so, they fail to accept the sexual orientation of their teens initially. They remain worried or concerned about whether their kid will be the subject of mistreatment or bully. And so, they turn highly protective thinking that other people will either reject or judge their child. A few parents continue to struggle for reconciling the sexual orientation of their teen with their personal or religious beliefs. Only some parents react vehemently to it. They reject their children or react with anger.

However, every parent must be provided the time for getting adjusted to this news. And here, the assistance of support groups besides other organizations does help hugely. It becomes reassuring for them that gay people lead successful and happy lives. With passing time, even those parents who had thought that they would not be able to accept the sexual orientation of their teens get surprised that they have reached a place where they are understanding things pretty well.

What must gay or lesbian people do when things do not go well?

A gay or lesbian person must not always react strongly to any comment. However, if things do not remain in their control, they can do some things like:

  • Surround themselves with highly supportive people – No matter it is LGBTQIA+ individuals people whom you have met in person or online, you need to spend quality time with them. Again, you can also discuss with them regarding this situation.
  • Always remember that you are not wrong – You must remember that there is nothing with your sexual orientation.

Before attesting to anything, teens must always get confirmation by taking the Am I Straight Quiz.

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