Do you sometimes wonder how some Instagram users get so many followers? Below we give you a number of tips to increase your popularity on Instagram.

Use the correct hashtags
It is not so much a matter of using as many hashtags as possible, but the right one. Choose hashtags that Instagram users search for. If you need some inspiration you can take a look at the Instagram Tags online there are plenty of websites to help you find the right tag.

Follow other Instagram users yourself
This is a point that many people sometimes overlook. If you follow other users, you will also be followed more. So take a moment to find interesting Instagrammers and follow them or respond to their photos. That way your number of followers will also rise.

Go for quality instead of quantity
It is not advisable to post as many photos as possible every day. Rather go for a few top photos per week than 10 photos per day. Also take the time to edit the photos that you want to publish. You can make them stand out even better. You can do this by using standard filters and there are also a lot of apps available with which you can edit your photos.

Photograph in daylight
A good smartphone has a decent camera. A minus point is usually the flash. For that reason it makes sense to photograph in daylight as much as possible. This ensures better quality of your photos. Always look for the light by taking pictures on a window or capture your looks in parks.

Add tags
In addition to adding a caption and the necessary hashtags, it is advisable to also tag a location or other Instagram user. This is a good way to be noticed better and to attract extra likes and followers.

Use 1 specific style
Use 1 specific style in your photos so that it does not become an unclear thing. Try to use the same filters as much as possible and show your followers what your specialty and style is.

Edit your videos
Do you enjoy working with video clips on your Instagram? Then definitely try the app Replay (iOS) or KineMaster (Android). With these apps you can easily edit video clips and add photos, music or subtitles.

Keep an eye on your statistics
It is important to keep a close eye on your followers. Check which are your most fanatic followers, who you have followed and how many likes you receive per photo on average. A handy app is Followers + for Instagram (iOS and Android). This app provides you with all kinds of statistics about your account.

Put your account on public
People are going to follow a public Instagram account faster, so if you want to get more Instagram followers, it is useful to make your account public. Because your account is open, users can also see your photos and hashtags in the overviews.

Buy Instagram Likes and Followers
If you are going to buy Instagram followers, this is most likely noticed by the Instagram algorithm. Imagine, you get 30 followers a day and an average of 150 likes on your photos. The next day you suddenly have 5,000 followers, but the amount of likes on a photo remains the same.

But now the trend has been changed. Now you can also buy Instagram likes to make things look more natural. Look carefully at what you want to place and what is interesting for your followers. Respond to trends, use the tools of Instagram optimally, such as stories and live chats.

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Misty Jhones