Over the last couple of decades China has slowly begun to embrace Western values as it seeks to become a dominant international economy. And it has succeeded in a spectacular fashion. So much so that it is being regarded as the next superpower. With the rapid growth of China through a massive program of industrialization, successful business men and women, as well as those aspiring to become the same, are realizing the importance of forging relationships with China, as well as becoming more familiar with the country.

It does not take a genius to realise that we are witnessing the dawn of the Asian Century. For aspiring business people China is very attractive right now and internships in Beijing are highly sought after.

How do you go about getting internships in Beijing? The answer to this and many other relevant questions can be found on a number of useful websites. One that is highly recommended is nextstepchina.org. There is little point in rewriting all the information presented on this and other websites but some important facts are worth mentioning.

Next Step's internship program provides Beijing internships to a wide range of people including university students, graduates, and professionals who want to get ahead by learning the Chinese language, as well as experiencing the culture and history of the country. Internships in Beijing provide placements to quality firms across a wide variety of industries including law, advertizing, engineering,
pharmaceuticals, and logistics. A notable feature of Next Step's Beijing Internships is that they provide an optional Chinese Language Tutoring Program. It is of course possible to do business in China without knowing the language, but it will impress the locals if you make an effort.

You may ask why Beijing is the best place in China to undertake your internship? The simple answer is because it is the capital. But Beijing has far more to offer the foreign visitor. The adventurous traveler will not have any difficulty in visiting the Ming Tombs or The Great Wall of China. Indeed some tour groups combine visits to both. But you don't have to travel far from your doorstep to discover one of Beijing's best kept secrets: the food. Not only is it delicious but the price is unbelievably cheap. This is the perfect reason to get out of your apartment and immerse yourself in the local culture.

It is very easy to see why internships in Beijing are sought after by people from all over the world. In the Asian Century a placement in a Chinese business can only bring great advantages to your business, particularly as the Chinese become consumers rather than savers. For further information on Chinese internship programs don't hesitate to visit nextstepchina.org.

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