Are You noticing a stronger attraction to someone, than normal? Do You remember dreams where the person You are feeling connected to shows up, in your dream, but they look different?

Does it seem like maybe You have known this person before? Did You meet seemingly in a synchronistic way?

What might really be going on undetected?

There are a few beliefs around this. Everything from past life recognition to spiritual agreements entered into before manifesting on the physical plane. The more open and sensitive You are the more You might actually be able to attribute chance meetings and strong connections to something like past life interactions. That is if You believe in such things. I wonder if I would believe in it myself if I didn't get such strong indicators.

Consider it this way, imagine You are a living breathing transmitting mechanism like a radio. No You do not transmit exactly how a mechanical radio does because You are so much more complex. You are moving throughout your day and the thoughts, hopes and desires as well as dislikes, discouragement and disillusion (as well as a multitude of other things) are being ‘transmitted’ from your being. Not only are You tuned into what You are transmitting but You are also picking up on what others are transmitting if the transmissions are anywhere similar to yours.

Being sensitive might cause You to pick up on a larger range of electrically emitted signals from things and people. For example, imagine You set your radio to 93.5FM and it was able to tune into 93.5FM but also the information shared from the range of stations from 83.4FM to 103.5FM. Talk about a lot of information to sort through.

To simplify, the people You meet that are transmitting on 85.7FM may end up to be great friends or a fabulous business partner, while the ones You meet that transmit around 92.8FM might end up having great potential for a life partner. (These may also be the individuals You have done past lives with or have made agreements with before the physical body thing.)

Of course this is highly simplified because it is not like we transmit only one type or length of energetic wave and have to have a machine to only pick up the wave length that we want to listen to. (Mind You, being psychic, I think often that would be handy and it can be said that the power of focus can be such a machine.)

There are physiological, emotional, and spiritual factors but boiled down they all have their own energetic contribution to the blueprint. All the factors can be combined differently so that is why we face so very many options everyday when it comes to who we are attracted to and for what reason.

If You are psychically sensitive then You may recognize this happening consciously. What about when meetings seem totally random?

You may not be aware of what You are picking up energetically but does that mean it is not happening. Might take longer or You might allow fear to delay meeting the next person you’ve agreed to play with on a spiritual level. You may feel the need to be somewhere, push the feeling away and miss the opportunity to connect with the love of your life that You have been looking for for years. Or You may learn how to understand the information (energetic transmissions) that You are picking up on and be in the right place at the right time for magic to happen.

Essentially it is my belief that we area all connected psychically and that the amount of resonance we have with one another, determines how we show up in each others lives.

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