Parents often use their strollers several times a day. It lets you carry your child, diaper bag and other essentials from the car and into the store or doctor’s office. Or you may use it to carry your child as you walk to a venue or go for a walk in the park. Strollers have their disadvantages, too.

They may be bulky or heavy. They may convey a child but not protect them from the weather. Here are 7 products that make baby strollers better.

01. Weather Shields

Many strollers have sun shades. Yet this may not be enough in the rain, and it doesn’t offer much protection from high winds. Weather shields provide that protection. Some designs are literal plastic drapes placed over the stroller and your child.

Others are weather-resistant cloth pieces that wrap around the stroller. Make sure you pick one that fits your stroller as well as local weather conditions.

02. Stroller Organizer

Stroller organizers are generally storage bags or containers that hang off the handlebars of the stroller. This gives you a great place to put items you want to grab in a hurry like spare pacifiers and inhalers.
You can also use them to store your keys where you won’t lose them, and then you may not need to carry your purse around.

03. Stroller Fan

Stroller fans are small portable fans made to be safe around young children. They either have smaller gaps in their mesh to keep out little fingers or soft blades that won’t hurt a child that grabs it.

The best Stroller fans increase the air flow around your child. This can prevent them from getting stuffy under a weather shield or keep them cool on a hot summer day.

04. Mommy Hooks

Mommy Hooks are hooks designed to connect to the stroller, keeping things out of reach of your child while eliminating your need to carry them. Connect the hook to the stroller. (These types of hooks won’t damage the foam on the stroller bars.) Then hang your purse, shopping bags or diaper bags from these hooks. Now you have your hands free to grab your child or do anything else.

05. Snack Trays

This may not be necessary, if your stroller already has one. However, many models don’t. A snack tray will snap in place in front of the child’s seating area. It generally holds a sippy cup in place, and it gives your child a place to eat finger foods without necessarily spilling them across the stroller seat.

The best models can be removed and rinsed off without any extra effort. A side benefit is the fact you can put toys on the tray for the child to play with.

If your child keeps tossing cups onto the ground, then you might need to go one step further and get a cup catcher. Or you can buy a cup holder for both yourself and your child’s drinks.

06. Stroller Toys

Anyone can throw a rattle and stuffed animal in the stroller. The challenge is keeping them there. Stroller toys are designed to entertain your child without the risk of being lost. Stroller toys are often clipped to the support bars of the stroller.

Your child can reach them and play with them, but they can’t toss it out while you’re on your walk or busy shopping for groceries. You could start with a stroller-friendly mobile and graduate to small activity sets that can move from stroller to carseat, keeping your baby busy.

07. Umbrella Holders

Managing a stroller and umbrella at the same time is a challenge. A weather shield protects your child. An umbrella holder offers some protection for you without forcing you to hold the umbrella in place while trying to control the stroller.

They can often hold both an open umbrella and a closed one, so it isn’t hard to transition from outside to inside.


At its core, the stroller is there to make it easier to travel with your child. Choose the right accessories to eliminate the frustrations and challenges that come with it.

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