A tens machine is actually a very straightforward device. They emit small electrical pulses that are safe to use on the body. A tens machine can provide effective pain relief for a range conditions that can cause chronic and persistent pain.

How is the Pain Relief Effect Achieved?

There are two main ways in which a tens machine can help to relieve pain:

Blocking Pain Impulses – pain impulses are carried around the body by the nervous system. Pain impulses are very similar to the small electrical impulses produced by a tens machine. The nerves cannot carry both signals at once. By applying the electrodes from the tens machine close to the area affected by pain you can effectively interrupt the pain signals to the brain and block them. This can provide effective pain relief.

Increase Endorphin Production – the body produces its own pain relieving chemicals which are known as endorphins. Tens machines can help to stimulate the production of these natural pain killers. These will then work on the pain receptors in the brain reducing the sensation of chronic and acute pain.

This dual action represents a simple yet effective way to reduce pain and assist with the management of chronic and acute conditions.

Do Tens Machines Work for Everyone?

Prescription drugs can provide effective pain relief but they are powerful treatment options that can cause a number of unpleasant side effects. A tens machine can offer a form of pain relief treatment that has no side effects. This treatment will also not interact with other pain medication. This means a tens machine can be a good addition to pain management programs. Tens machines can be used by almost anyone. However you should avoid using these machines if:

- You have a pacemaker

- Suffer from serious heart conditions or epilepsy

Al maternity units encourage Mums To Be to use a tens machine as part of their birth program. If you intend to use a tens machine during pregnancy it is advisable to seek clearance from your doctor first.

Can you use Tens Machines at Home?

One of the main benefits of a tens machine is that you can use it at home. You will not need any special training and you can buy tens machines easily from specialist suppliers online. However you do need to make sure you understand how tens machines work and how to get the most benefits. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using a tens machine.

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Anyone who suffers from persistent or acute pain should consider using a tens machine. This is an effective and easy to use device that has almost no side effects.