What is Generic Frontline Plus?

An alternative to Frontline Plus, Generic Frontline Plus provides flea and tick control and treatment for pets (cats and dogs) aged 8 weeks and above. It contains the same ingredients akin to Frontline Plus. It controls mites which may result in sarcoptic mange, works rapidly to kill chewing lice as well as offers complete safety against the flea life cycle.

Features of Generic Frontline Plus

  • Kills flea larvae, flea eggs and adult fleas
  • Prevents and stops infestations as well as controls re infestations
  • Kills every stage of deer ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks and brown dog ticks
  • Kills fleas that may result in flea allergy dermatitis
  • Aids in controlling sarcastic mange infestations
  • Quickly eliminates chewing lice
  • Long-lasting, fast-acting, convenient to use and waterproof

Frequency of Application

This monthly topical flea and tick preventive breaks the flea life cycle completely and also controls ticks and chewing lice infestations as well as ticks. As per research it has been discovered that Generic Frontline Plus kills flea larvae, flea eggs and adult fleas for up to 3 months. It also prevents the development of every flea stage for at least 3 months. It kills ticks for one month. Generic Frontline Plus remains effective even post water immersion, exposure to sunlight or bathing.

Types of Generic Frontline Plus

Generic Frontline Plus is available as:

FRONTLINE Spot-On for Dog: this is very effective against both flea and tick infestation for up to a month, depending on the environmental challenge. It kills newly arrived fleas within 24 hours of it attacking the pet. It can be used in dogs and puppies weighing over 2kg and aged above 8 weeks.

Frontline spot on for cats: this is very effective against fleas up to 5 weeks. It helps to prevent re-infestation against every stage of Dermacentor spp., Ixodes spp., Rhipicephalus spp. Ticks for at least 1 month depending on the environmental challenge. It kills newly arrived fleas within 1 day of it attacking the cat. It can be used in cats and kittens weighing 1 kg and aged above 8 weeks.

With these there will be no reason for pet owners to protect their dogs and cats against fleas and ticks every month with an affordable alternative to the popular Frontline. Keep your pets free from parasites at a very low cost. Buy generic Frontline Plus for cats and dogs today.

Generic Frontline plus benefits

Fleas and Ticks are the most common parasites which attacks pets, hence it a priority of every responsible pet owner to provide complete care to their pets against infections from flea and tick attacks such as

  • Hair loss
  • Blood inefficiencies
  • Change in behavior
  • Unavoidable bad odor
  • Itching problem

Generic Frontline Plus is the best alternative to the branded Frontline Plus. It is extremely affordable, comes with the best of quality and comparatively low cost. It kills 100% of fleas and ticks on cats and dogs within 18 and 48 hours respectively. It contains S-methoprene that regulates as well as controls insect growth, helps to eliminate larvae and flea eggs and damages the life cycle of the insects.

You can buy the best online flea and tick treatment from genericfrontlineplus.com at discounted prices.

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