Content creation is at the core, or at least should be, of every business or organization found online! Circulating useful information is one of the best ways to get noticed and build trust with people on the internet! Recently the new Google Hummingbird algorithm has been implemented for the express purpose of delivering better search engine results to people looking for information online! Actually these changes are the most significant that have been made to Google's search algorithm in 12 years and notably diminish the importance of using keywords! It is now ALL about the 'content' you create and not how well 'optimized' what you wrote is in terms of getting ranked higher in the search results!

Let's have a look at how these changes have shifted the focus from properly using keywords to more simply creating truly relevant and useful information for readers!

Addresses Search User's Intent

The content you offer needs to 'best' address what Google interprets as the intent of the person or persons conducting a search! This is to say that what you published will be ranked more on how relevant the context is to what people are actually looking for thereby placing less emphasis on using keywords to rank highly! This should result in more 'reader friendly' content and not a bunch of rubbish stuffed with keywords in an effort to satisfy some algorithm just to be found online!

Go 'Deep' with Your Content

The 'richness' or depth of the information you offer is a huge factor in how your content will be displayed in online searches! Quite simply the more the merrier in terms of the more you offer on the subject matter, the 'merrier' you'll be with your ranking! Truly useful information is something that is relevant while also being comprehensive! For those who create content this means their focus must now be on offering 'plenty' of useful information as oppose to cleverly using keywords! Imagine how satisfying it will now be for people in search of information who were formerly use to finding content that was shallow in depth but deep in keywords!

Take 'Steps' to 'Own' What You Wrote

By signing up for a Google + account, which is free to join, you can link any content you've developed with the profile you've created for your G+ account! This is considered building your authorship and is yet another way to share your content online while also having your bio picture displayed with any Google search results displaying your content! This obviously helps 'strengthen' your connection to anything you develop and publish as well as helping you add more new 'connections' to your G+ account! Remember, Google has made it clear how much they 'value' your activity and influence within social media circles and how this helps build your credibility!

Content creation as we know it online has recently gone through a 'metamorphosis' due to recent changes at Google! In an effort to give people looking for information better search engine results Google has introduced their new Hummingbird algorithm! The most significant change online writers will experience is that more emphasis has been placed on creating truly pertinent and useful information! Gone so it seems are the days where properly using keywords is what it takes to turn up in search results! Although these changes are pretty dramatic for content creators, they actually do succeed in shifting a writers focus away from appealing to algorithms to focusing more on what people are really looking for! In the end this should translate into better search engine results for those looking for all types of useful information, and isn't that how it should be?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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