So, what’s the SEO sweet spot for your blog? Is it 300? 500? 800? Or 1500? The common notion that’s circulating is that long-form content performs better in search result pages. However, it doesn’t mean that they tend to be better.


It is not at all clear where the concept of great content equals to really long content came about. But slowly this notion is being dispelled. The truth is numerous factors contribute to the success of an SEO blog. Adequate keywords, CTA’s, formatting, writing style, design and also proper image optimisation.


Before discussing the right length of a blog, it is important to understand why so many prefer using long-form content.


Here’s A Look!


  • Google always prefer articles and blogs to be in-depth. This started ever since the Panda Algorithm update, which was meant to downgrade web pages having low-quality content.


  • SEO specialists have more scope to build proper and natural backlinks that is likely to help readers get a more thorough understanding of the discussed topic. And with more visits, Google will add more value to the given page.


  • Long content also drives social media engagement. And as per a recent study, over 100 million blogs and other long-form posts tend to get more social shares and engage more potential clients.


  • Another key aspect why so many SEO experts and web content writing services in Perth tend to favour long-form content is because it allows them to build up their credibility and set them apart from their competition.


Eric Doyle:- an expert working at a digital marketing agency in Perth states clearly:-


Long form of content also helps boost up the conversion rates. There have been instances when business home pages have seen a 30% increase in their conversion rates.”


The Ideal Blog Length in 2019:-


Sorting out the relation between search result ranks and the length of the blog post does imply that Google does set a minimum word count for all blog and articles. However, no such specific standard exists.


Yet, as per the normal norms, the minimum length of an SEO blog should be 300+ words. This is to avoid the fact that they aren’t considered ‘Thin Content’ on the website.


But as mentioned above, Google algorithm wants more content when locking horns with shorter content posts. In other words, it prefers content with 1000 words or more.


However, there is no hard and fast rule for the length of a blog. It should depend on the topic, purpose, audience, etc.


So, Do Not Believe On The Word Count Myth:-


The fact remains that there is no blog length for the perfect SEO blog. It all comes down to how much details are added to the content. 


So, the rational advice would be to fill the blog with unique and valuable content and get rid of everything that is not needed. It doesn’t matter whether it is 300, 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000.


By making valuable content consistently for the audience with time, Google or other search engines will identify your business site as a trustworthy one. And in return will grant you a higher ranking for competitive keywords.


So, if you are looking for quality SEO blogs having proper length, then it is best to consult with a quality web content writing agency in Perth and achieve the results you sought after.

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The author runs a web content writing agency in Perth for years. With that, the author also has a fair idea of the top digital marketing agency in Perth.