Learning to play an instrument can be a very engaging and rewarding experience for anyone that is interested in expanding their musical capabilities. Stringed instruments are sometimes harder for people to learn as they involve using both hands separately yet in unison in order to create the sounds that are intended. There is seldom anything regular about a violin lesson and the length of each lesson can vary, especially if the lesson is being taught to an entire group such as a string quartet as the other instruments and musicians may require individual instruction during the practice session.

Even if the violin lesson is given without the additional musicians of a string quartet the length of the practice period can vary depending on the individual providing the instruction and the person performing the piece. It isn’t uncommon for musical instructors to lose track of time and keep their students well beyond the expected practice session. Initially practice sessions should be kept to no more than an hour as longer periods can tend to discourage the musician and complicate the teaching or instruction. These first few lessons should be designed to get the novice player to become comfortable with their new instrument.

As the musicians experience escalates and the degree of difficulty for the music becomes harder the violin lesson may encompass any number of hours. Perfecting a musical piece that is going to be played in conjunction with the other instruments of a string quartet can take several days, weeks or even months of continued practice on a scheduled basis before it can be performed to an audience in an acceptable fashion. The combination of musical instruments makes it more difficult to incorporate the various pieces that are being played into one coherent and enjoyable musical compilation or song.

The length of a violin lesson may also be dictated by other factors. Musicians are people too and they have lives outside of learning a new instrument. Some of them actually have very structured and scheduled lives that prevent them from participating in joining an actual string quartet and practicing on a steadier basis. Lessons of this nature that are developed for the solo violin player can be agreed upon by the musician and the instructor prior to the actual session so that there are delays in leaving when the time for the lesson to be finished has expired.

In addition experienced musicians may take it upon themselves to learn a violin lesson on their own in which case the length of time they spend practicing and perfecting it will rely solely on their own discretion. Once a musician has attained enough experience and expertise to join a string quartet the need for additional lessons is normally not necessary as they have become talented enough to play the sheet music displayed before them correctly the first time through. Lessons become practice sessions for the entire group and individual practice periods are usually reserved for the musicians having difficulty completing the piece.

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