The total population in Georgia is above 10 million, according to reports. More than 10 percent of the GA population is above 50. Households containing individuals above 60 in GA are 3,585,584. While 26 percent of elderly live alone in the state. This data is taken by the 2018 Population Demographics Report, Georgia.

In Georgia, there are more than 225 residential care homes. These are also called care homes or adult family homes. These places offer care to the elderly over 60.

Care Offered to the Elderly

Care homes provide different types of services to seniors. The care level is higher than assisted living but lower than the services provided in nursing houses. There is more attention given to the seniors in care homes. Care services generally include:

  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Basic medication

The Challenge

Providing services at care homes is a tough job. The main challenge for the service provides is older individuals suffer from different diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and dementia. Besides, most of the seniors have movement issues. They are more prone to falls and slips and even different psychological conditions such as panic attacks. You can’t leave such a patient unattended. Sometimes, leaving them for even a minute can be risky.

What Can Be Done

If you a care home worker or have a senior living with you, make sure you can provide them with good care. Here are some of the solutions to deal with the issues attached to providing good care to the elderly:

Install Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

Mobile video security cameras offer complete assistance to the service providers and homeowners alike. Install mobile video surveillance cameras in the seniors’ rooms to be able to stay connected with them 24/7. The mobile video app would enable you to check in on them via your smartphone. You would also be able to check live alerts if there is an emergency.

Get the Medical Alert System

Ensure you have the latest medical alert system with you. Give portable panic buttons to the elderly. Make sure they wear this medical alert button. This is a great facility for them particularly, the older individuals who suffer from a serious mental or physical issue. Pressing the panic button can get them immediate medical assistance and help save a life.

Use the Keychain Remote

Keychain remote is also a great device that comes handy during emergencies. You can not only arm and disarm your alarm system but also get instant medical help via pressing the keychain fob buttons.

Home Security Systems Georgia

Senior care is not a challenge anymore with latest home security systems Georgia. The alarm systems offer different types of services including home security, safety, medical assistance and even home automation. Having home alarm devices in and around your property helps manage and control your care home in a better way.

Smoke Alarms

Working smoke alarms are a must for your safety. Place them at every level of your home for improved protection against residential fires.

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