Firearms are among the most important survival tools, especially in worst-case scenarios. While keeping the proper guns in good condition should be a big part of your preparations, those guns are only useful if you have ammunition for them. As such, it's vital that you take the time to consider how much ammo you should be stockpiling in order to prepare for a survival scenario.

Staying Realistic: Think About What You Have

The best place to start when thinking about ammo stockpiling is taking inventory of what you've already got on hand. Start with what you would use in a typical hunting season, then think about whether the amount of game you could bring home with that ammunition would be enough to feed yourself and your family. The goal should be to have enough ammunition available to weather at least a medium-level disaster, so ensure that you take stock of your current supplies in order to determine the amount of ammo you'll need to buy.

Bulk Ammo: Think About the Money

One of the great things about buying ammo is that you can get it for a good price by purchasing in bulk. Do some thinking about your firearms to decide how to best spend the money you have while not breaking your budget for other survival tools. For example, taking advantage of bulk 9mm Luger ammo for sale can be a good way to ensure that you're outfitted with a good home defense weapon. You'll also want to allocate some of your money towards ammunition for hunting guns.

Know Your Plans: Think About Scenarios

It's also a good idea to start thinking about the survival scenarios for which you are planning before you start buying ammo. If you're buying for a scenario in which you stay in your home, the easy answer is that you should buy as much as you can afford to safely store without hurting the rest of your prep budget. If you are planning for a scenario in which you are on the move, though, you only need to buy as much as you can comfortably carry.

Balance the Pack: Understanding Space and Weight

Finally, start thinking about what you can realistically take in your bug-out bag if you have to go on the move. The bigger your survival group, the more space you can allocate for ammunition. The amount of ammunition you buy has to be realistic for your movement scenarios, so start learning more about ammunition weight and the space that it takes up.

The right amount of ammunition is going to vary by individual. Are you going to be using it for self-defense or for hunting? Are you going to need to transport your supply, or will it be staying in one place? How many people do you have in your group? Think about your needs, your space, and your budget before you buy. It's generally better to be safe than to be sorry, but try to remember that ammunition isn't your only survival tool.

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