Diversify your training approach. The absence of any observable change in the behavior of male or white employees overall suggests that we need to stop treating diversity training as a silver bullet. Invest in a multi-pronged diversity and inclusion program that encourages underrepresented talent to join, stay, succeed, and lead within your organization.

Get data. Regularly collecting and reviewing data will let you know how your programs and policies are performing, so you can make adjustments. Many organizations track diversity metrics around recruitment, selection, and retention.

Experiment. Treating diversity training as an experiment an help organizations gain insight into what’s effective and what’s not without reducing the benefits from the training programs themselves.

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At Vividhta, we have experts in diversity helping you to create and manage a successful Diversity program. From recruitment to training, coaching, mentoring, monitoring and handholding, we cover the entire gamut of services around Diversity and Inclusion. Its not just about Diversity- with Vividhta, its about result orientation and success in Diversity.