What do You do with psychic or energetic information you have about someone when they haven’t asked for your input? Generally, I just let the information go without sharing. If they aren’t asking for my psychic or energy healing input then I usually just release the energy, usually forgetting about it. It's just not my business. Only if I feel guided and it feels appropriate will I share the information.

To help yourself understand if it’s appropriate to share psychic impressions, You can ask yourself, “Who do I serve if I share this psychic information?” Is Your answer the person you’re sharing with or yourself and possibly your own ego? If it only makes You feel better or proves You're psychic, that's really not a good reason to share. If You feel it serves the person on their path in life, that's a great reason to share.

If it doesn’t seem befitting to share, just keep the info to yourself and release it. You don’t need to hang on to the energy. If You need assistance in releasing unwanted energy, check out our Psychic Potentials 101 class.

There is another reason the information might come to You. We are all mirrors for each other. Energetically knowing something about someone else without being told may be for your benefit, not theirs. If You come across information about someone psychically, look to see how the information can help You in your life and personal growth before releasing the psychic impression.

You can ask yourself, “How does this energetic information serves me?”

Here are some examples:

If someone is attracted to You, You can just enjoy the energy and ground it. Or if You don’t enjoy the vibes, You can ground it. Perhaps if You feel it serves the situation You can address the attraction energy in conversation.

When You encounter someone with an overactive throat chakra who hardly stops talking this can be a reminder to yourself. This person may be bringing your attention to speaking up for yourself in order to be heard. They also remind You to set your boundaries and limit the conversation.

On the other hand, a person with an under-active throat chakra who remains silent most of the time offers a reminder to listen and be comfortable in silence. Speaking up may be the alternate lesson, depending how You look at it.

If You meet a person who You intuitively understand is not comfortable with being touched, You can use non physical form of greeting. Instead of a hug or a handshake, a nice warm smile displays my happiness in meeting them.

Or say You meet a someone who wants to do business with You and You instantly hear your guidewhispering in your ear about this person's lack of integrity. Well You don't need to share that with the potential business partner. You can just listen to your intuition and pass up this business deal.

There are so many ways your psychic abilities can serve You. That's what they're here for. So listen to your psychic guidance always. How many other ways can You think of that your psychic impressions served You?

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