How Quantum Healing and Intuition Creates
By Mark Earlix

One of the techniques I work with, involves the term "morphic field." Quantum science refers to it as a “field of information.” This information emulates and emanates forth from within us, which carries our life's history and does makeup our personal constitution at any given moment.

The information expresses in vision or hearing of which both come from our knowing.

We know something because we have experienced it at one time or other, consciously or subconsciously.
We can even place our hands two to six inches away from another's body (palms facing the other person) and through the sensory of the surface of our palms; we can sense the heat, coldness, electrical sensation or even pressure that is emanating. This exercise might take practice, but always, it will take trust to develop this tool, as all people have the ability to do so. As with most endeavors in life, we initially become more conscious and knowing how to tweak ourselves into becoming more efficient.

The more we practice, the more we are learning to trust.

As we feel the anomaly of actual sensation, there will follow a momentary vision or other momentary sense that incorporates pictures in the mind. The pictures and feelings that come to us are our way of identifying with our own life or another's life. But, the most wonderful part of it all is; we wouldn't even be able to identify with another unless it was/is about us as well.

Ideally, we have the opportunity to contemplate what we see, judge, fear, expect and feel from others… and ponder; what here is similar to me and my life’s experience? How do I relate to this experience that has or is happening to me or this other person?

What we perceive from another's morphic field has been manifest in front of us by grace that enables us to work out this foreign obstruction and insecurity or fear. It is a golden opportunity to just recognize it. Through the recognition, it no longer has a place to hide within us and the need to work something out has diminished greatly.

These pictures can also occur in an abstract manner, as though we are watching a movie or even through our senses. The more often we practice and trust that we really did purposefully perceive these pictures, the events will increase in quality, quantity and duration.

Once we initially perceive the information of this picture playing out in our creative mind, and purposefully allow the scene or icon (living picture) to stay in your thinking for a few moments through intentional focus, then the contemplation of it becomes easier. Ask what the scene really means to you, your friend or client. Don't be so quick to make loud the voiced opinion, prophecy or soul reading etc.

What we see, is always only a small piece of what is waiting to be rediscovered of a person's life in determining what is reflected in them of who they are, what they are and why they are today.

Pain is then transformed to wisdom and the physical or chronic discomfort is transformed to life force freely moving through them and us.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Earlix is a Healer, Intuitive, Master Teacher, Gnostic Priest and Author with over 40 years of experience helping over 25,000 people heal and teaching healing. Mark takes private appointments, offers Apprenticeship Training, and conducts educational workshops such as “Healing, Intuition, Prayer and Illumination; The Essential Tools for Life”.

Mark is the founding member of Holistic House Calls LLC.
Holistic House Calls, a national co-operative of the finest holistic professionals and practitioners that have come together for in-house visits to your home, hospitals and hospice environments when the client is unable to visit us.
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