Shoes are the finishing touch to any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair!

Whether you are heading towards a party or any occasion, the very first thing that a people notice is the pair of shoes that the person is wearing. The shoes become the finishing touch to any outfit. Like the clothes, the shoes need to be maintained. Some of the people have a high affinity towards shoes and love collecting different pairs of shoes for different occasions. What becomes more interesting is keeping those pairs of shoes to retain the same glory, lustre and neatness.

Shoes Matter the Most!

Mr Gregory has been a member of an interview panel for years. The very first thing that he notices as soon as an interviewee enters the room is the shoes and how properly the candidate has dressed himself up. It is the very first impression that puts on the onlookers. The type of shoe the candidate puts on describes the personality.

Apart from the professional field, the social life is also influenced by the way how a person dresses up. Due to people engaging themselves too much in the corporate field, the social life has been messed up. The minimum use of the casual wears and the shoes have made them develop dust and dirt.

At times, they seek repair. To ensure that the relaxed life of the people goes on smoothly with the light casual wears, some companies are offering affordable and durable shoe repairs in Melbourne. This has made the worries fade away from the mind of the people.

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Shoes Need Extra Maintenance:

Just like your clothes need regular cleaning and press; the shoes too demand regular maintenance. Dusting, polishing and repairing are some of the things that a shoe demands on a regular basis. However, for the casual shoes in Melbourne, the maintenance of the shoes is dependent on the type of the material with which it is made.

Here is the list of some of the different categories of shoes and the ways that need to be followed for maintenance-

  • Leather Finished Shoes:

Leather shoes demand high maintenance. The shoes need to be cleaned properly with creamer and then polished accordingly. Special occasions demand the leather finished casual shoes.

  • Synthetic Leather Shoes:

Well, it is one of the latest introductions in the segment of the shoes. The synthetic leather shoes do not demand high maintenance and can be cleaned by simply wiping the surface with a gentle cleaner. These shoes are good resistant to water. The synthetic leather shoes are also called the ‘faux’ leather shoes.

  • Fabric Shoes:

For a hip-hop style and a causal get together, these canvas shoes are the newest trend. It is more popular amongst the youth and needs minimum maintenance. Washing the shoe with mild soap and then drying in under the shades help in retaining the colour of the shoe.

Things to Remember:

The pasting of all types of shoe needs to be maintained properly. It is always advised to ensure that the leather shoes never get wet. It changes the colour and the comfort. Other types of shoes should not be dried in direct sunlight as the adhesive used for the pastings might loosen up.

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