The first step to discovering personal power is becoming aware of how your mind works.

Most of us use only a fraction of our mind's potential power.

The goal of remote influencing is to help you use the full power of your mind and to connect with a higher force, the creative intelligence of life. The key to doing this lies in gaining access to the deepest levels of your mind.

Every second of your life, nerve cells in your brain generate electrical patterns that change depending on your state of mind, your thoughts and emotions. Scientists refer to these electrical frequencies as brain wave patterns. In biofeedback, brain wave patterns are categorized into four states or levels: beta, alpha, theta and delta.

As our mind quiets down, it starts to produce slower brain wave activity, such as alpha and theta. When you learn to quiet your mind, you'll enter deeper states of mind and gain access to capabilities of the mind that were formerly outside your reach.

1. Beta

Most people spend virtually all of their waking hours in this state. In beta, your mind is bombarded with never ending thoughts-non-stop mind chatter. High levels of beta are associated with stress and anxiety. Stress-related symptoms such as feelings of being overwhelmed, sleeping problems, aches and joint pains, for example, are common when people do not know how to quiet their mind.

2. Alpha

Alpha is often experienced when we are in a very relaxed state. In states of alpha, you have a much greater potential for creative breakthroughs, insights, achieving goals and super learning.

What takes years to learn in Beta, for example, can take just months in alpha.

3. Theta

When your mind slows down even more and further detaches from the external reality, you enter the theta state. It is in this state where the maximum level of learning can take place. Here, you can learn things that you never thought were possible.

When you slow your brain frequency to this state, you gain access to greater mind powers. People can experience theta when in a deeply relaxed state such as in meditation. Also, you can access this powerful state while being in nature, such as a forest or desert, for extended periods of time.

4. Delta

When your mind slows down even further, your mind enters delta, a domain that is extremely powerful. Few people are aware of this other world, so to speak, because when most people enter delta, they lose conscious awareness and fall asleep.

This powerful level of awareness is available to all but few have been able to consciously tap into it. This is the realm of shamans, mystics and sages.

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