Over the years, many individuals or businesses have grown thanks to SEO. It helps businesses go up one step by day without being swept by the economic cyclone. Coming here, many questions will be posed: What is SEO? What is its role for the business? How great is it for the business? And hundreds of questions keep searching for answers….


Today, it can be seen that they have gradually shifted from a traditional selling method to a much more convenient online method when customers can buy directly at home, office or anywhere. over the Internet. 


Even a famous billionaire like Bill Gate once affirmed: "From 5 to 10 years if you do not have an online business, then you should not do business anymore ..." thereby showing that people now live in an Internet environment. So the big question is what role does SEO play here?

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is understood as a solution to optimize the website so that the website can be easier to find. In addition, applying other Online Marketing methods is also a part of SEO because they help rank displayed on popular search engines such as Google, Facebook …


According to many experts, SEO is the most common and common form. Most businesses or SEOs want their keywords to rank high on Google search results.


You can choose between 2 completely different SEO options: choose Vietnamese keywords with accents or words from the language department. Viet without accents.


Besides, there are many different forms of SEO such as:


  • Image SEO: A way that SEO uses the technique of bringing images in your website to the top of Google search when users search with the measured keyword and select the image tab. Display
  • SEO clips: It is possible to SEO videos, clips available on the web or use other information channels such as youtube to display your website on the Video tab.
  • SEO Google Map (Local SEO): A way to help searchers easily see where to look on Google Map.
  • SEO App Mobile: This form of SEO will be displayed by the App on the search page that Google displays, making it easier for users to choose.


In addition, there are some forms of SEO other important such as SEO news, SEO Bing, SEO Facebook ... 


How are the benefits of SEO for businesses?


Compared to other forms of advertising at the same price that providers offer, implementing a project SEO long-term will save you a lot of money and bring efficiency in the long run.


To run ads on Google, your business will have to spend a huge amount of money on maintaining them and are often inefficient, the results are not fixed, do not create interactions with many people. use. However, when using aapproach SEO natural, your website will have a fixed position on the display board, helping to better impress potential customers.


So how to effective SEO?

SEO strategy is very important, like when you are in business, the first priority is still strategy, synchronization and consistency, when implemented will be highly effective. So you need to come up with a strategy that is most feasible, best suited to the business situation and competitiveness in the market.


Must build SEO on the human foundation, combine with other marketing methods and more. Must have a strong product, good service. SEOs must have a unique set, update information regularly and follow trends. 


Besides, they have to be equipped with enough SEO knowledge because the mistake of this profession will be difficult to fix. There are many businesses that have to give up their website to build a completely new page.


Know how to combine many other marketing methods. Just SEO is not enough if your opponent is also doing SEO "There are many ways to Rome" and you have to know how to make use of all those roads to overcome the storms and bring benefits to your business. .


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