There are much different understanding about the soul and its importance.

The information in this article comes from many thousands of individual soul healings and the channeled information that came through.

The soul is much more than an invisible energetic structure. It has an amazing understanding of many aspects of your present and past lives.

Your soul can also help you in a variety of ways and in many different areas of your life if you let it.
It is important to know that your soul is the driving force behind your current incarnation as it decides when and sometimes also the location it wants to reincarnate.
Your soul also plays a role in the timing of when you leave your earthly existence behind to go through a transition (called death).

Your soul possesses a wisdom that is beyond most people’s human understanding and when that wisdom is being used correctly, it can heal and realign you.

It also has by its very nature a much greater state of perfection, wholeness,knowledge and wisdom than your persona, with its dualistic nature, is ever able to achieve.

Meditation and/or praying are ways you can become better aligned to your soul. Clients have shared at times that it was through their prayer and desperately needing help that they found me.

In fact, my own heartfelt prayers in times of need have helped me many times. Particularly when at one time I had a semi-detached retina that needed surgery caused by very high blood pressure. I was able to heal both retina and my high blood-pressure without needing any medical intervention. It was after those successful healings that my career changed course when I decided to become a full-time healer.

Prior to that, I was the owner and manager of a small, successful software development company.

Over the years I understood that spirit is the source of all life and is also that which gives life to your soul through a kind of permanent, subtle connection.

Without Spirit, your soul and your human incarnation could no longer exist on this planet. In fact, without Spirit, there would not be any life as it currently exists on this planet.

Spirit can permeate and transcend all levels of being and all planetary realities.

It permeates every person on the planet via the soul plane where all souls are automatically connected.
Spirit is one of the highest levels of consciousness available to you and your soul’s knowledge and wisdom.

The soul healing process, which I received directly from Spirit through channellings, has often created miracle results. That is mainly because of my direct connection with Spirit and your soul.

While Spirit is the driving, underlying energy, your soul is often in the driver's seat as it always knows, from an evolutionary perspective, what you need the most.

Your soul and Spirit can heal many issues at all levels of being such as at a karmic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels

Your soul knows what is needed for your healing, which will always be for your highest good and will also be the next step in your evolutionary process.

It also knows your purpose in life, the reason why you are here, and takes that into consideration when it heals you to allow you to become more of who you really are.
There are different ways to access your soul. Some people can do this them self through their own deepest version of prayer and “self-talk”, through meditation or you can do so with the help of an experienced soul healer.

Author's Bio: 

Mia den Haan is a soul and spiritual healer and is the author of two books "No Autism Any Longer", the story of two boys she healed of autism and "New Concepts for Business and Humanity" which contains prophecies given in 2004 about coming changes such as the current weather.
Her own miraculous healings led her to make a full-time commitment to her healing abilities and gifts around 2000. Prior to that she owned and managed a successful IT business. She has since done more than 7000 personal sessions in more than 40 countries.
In addition to her personal sessions she also runs master classes, group healings and courses and is a regular speaker on various summits.