Whether the challenge is work, education, or relationships, everybody has a few mental boundaries that they do not want to cross. She might see other people crossing them, but think it is too big of a risk. While it might be difficult, there are a few reasons that stepping out of your comfort zone could improve self growth.

Thinking Differently About Fear

This is not as blasé of a point as merely saying that you can overcome your fears. You can reinterpret those fears. If you are naturally a very shy person, you might find that you enjoy talking to new people if you give it a chance. Shy people can transform into very sociable people. When such a person reflects on her previous fears, she realizes that there was nothing intimidating about it at all. In fact, those old fears held her back from cultivating strong relationships. The same principle can be applied in other scenarios as well.

Adaptability Is What Defines Intelligence

The ancient Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius defined intelligence as the ability to adapt to a changing environment. Adaptability can be challenging for those who might be creatures of habit. But if you push yourself out of your comfort zone in one area, you might be more inclined to expand your horizon in other areas too. When you are confronted with unique challenges, you will be more apt when facing them. New challenges will no longer be frightening.

Learn To Think On Your Feet

Imagine that a friend asks you a difficult question and you are not sure how to answer it. It may be frustrating if you actually knew the answer, but needed to think about it for a minute. This would be characteristic of somebody who is not good at thinking on her feet. Challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone can put you in the right frame of mind to think on your feet.

More Self-Confidence

Your internal perception of yourself can have external consequences. If you have a better self-image, you will perform better in interviews, social gatherings, and daily tasks. By pushing yourself, you will realize how much your mind is capable of, feeling prepared for any challenge that might arise. If you want to convert your household to being completely environmentally friendly and waste-free, you could build confidence by starting with minor adjustments, such as a new carpet cleaner.

Switching to a natural carpet cleaner would be an easy transition into your end goal. You could then begin to make larger commitments from there. The confidence you build from your small, incremental wins will fuel bigger steps along the road to your end goal.

Fighting Perfectionism

One reason people stay within the boundaries of their comfort zone is that they do not want to do anything imperfectly. But if you venture beyond it and are successful, you will begin to develop more reasonable standards. You will be more interested in completing the task than in being a perfectionist. As you conquer difficult challenges more frequently, your skills will improve over time. So it is not as though you are lowering your standards. Overall, perfectionism creates unnecessary pressure and holds you back from legitimate opportunities.

Gain Autonomy Over Your Life

When people set artificial boundaries for what they can and cannot accomplish, they are essentially surrendering control over their lives to their fears. Fear should not dictate the direction of your life. If you traverse your comfort zone, you will feel a sense of personal autonomy.


People spend far too much time fantasizing about what they lives could be like if they were better people. But the truth is that these wishes are within your grasp. You only need to reach out. Strive for something that makes you uncomfortable. Rather than daydreaming, ask yourself what you can do to make your daydreams a reality.

Author's Bio: 

Carol is a business coach and mother who has learned a lot about letting go of perfectionism and fear over the years. She hopes her writing helps you to do the same!