Jim Bouchard is a motivational speaker in the USA and he, like myself, has a background in Martial Arts. Now that I no longer practice the physical side of the Martial Arts the mental aspects come ever more into my life. Jim had sent me notification of his book and then he also sent me a copy to read.He is a 5th Dan and the learning of life skills via the Martial Arts is often under-valued.

Jim told me how his life has developed through his involvement in the school of hard knocks. Power is the theme used by Jim and we discussed the fact that as you go through life your power will diminish.

We discussed how we can develop the skills to face up to the hardships of life.

Jim talks of triangles. First the Energy Triangle of Body, Mind and Spirit where we have to learn how to access the energy available. He speaks of the Kung Fu Triangle where Motivation and Discipline are applied over Time. These can be applied to normal everyday life. The Power Triangle are Balance, Focus and Timing where Harmony is the same dynamic as Balance. Jim also talked about Courage and defined his concept where courage needs to be applied with tenacity and 'bouncebackability'

Jim talked about working towards correct behaviour and how you often need to go back to the basics in order to slow down, re-evaluate where you are and what you need to do to improve your performance.

We spoke about the wonderful work of Ballet Dancers and how we learn to appreciate how other people have equally worthy skills. Sometimes we don't see these things as younger men especially when we are used to physical combat via our sports. As people develop Power in a physical sense the developing of self is important. To remind ourselves we are lucky and be appreciative of what we have must be aligned with an ability to share what we have with less fortunate people.

We discussed how people can help themselves get through this recession. Jim tells us how he has worked through the bad times by taking stock of what we have. People cannot steal your talents and abilities.Your talents and abilities are worth something to others. Keep working at where those talents can be used.

Jim also advises us not to put the news bulletins on every day of the week and start looking at how you can refocus your own energies.

We also look at how everyone is searching for something during their lives. He also advises us to look at the word self as the key component in self-help. Discipline is also another key word where Jim and I found great commonality.

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Vince practised Judo for many years and was a Dan Grade Instructor in Judo Clubs and Schools for the British Judo Association and the British Judo Council. He works as a podcaster and broadcaster and looks for people to interview who have experiences that will benefit the listeners.Jim Bouchard is a very high profile American Martial Arts exponent and motivational speaker